The distortion of history in American public education has led to a proliferation of socialist ideas.

Breitbart News reported on Nov. 14 that the National Parent Coalition claims that decades of indoctrinating students in U.S. schools with distorted history led to the current battle over the presidential election.

“The battle over who will be president continues,” the U.S. Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) said in comments to Breitbart News. “One of the reasons this battle is happening is that one side is working to rewrite history and convince Americans that our country is bad and not worthy of peace and prosperity.The 1619 Project is a current and important example.”

The New York Times’ “Project 1619,” claims that when the first slaves arrived in Virginia, the United States was founded on slavery and racism, thus reshaping the nation’s history.

The American University’s School of Education International also noted that a report in the New American Magazine stated that the New York Times’ portrayal of Fidel Castro as a communist “freedom fighter” in the late 1950s was crucial to the dictator’s ability to enslave Cuba.

“And now it appears that the far-left newspaper and the forces behind it hope that the lies about the United States in the ‘1619 Plan’ will destroy the freest and most prosperous country in human history,” The parents’ organization said. “Fortunately, these lies were discovered early on, and they are now generating nationwide outrage and scrutiny about it.”

USPIE elaborated that the 1619 Plan claims that racism, slavery, systemic oppression, and other evils are rooted in the founding of the United States and that “there can be no possible change in policy, no possible shift that will redeem the nation. “

“In short, the only possible conclusion, based on the ideas put forth by the New York Times and the 1619 Project, is that America must die so that something new can take its place,” said USPIE. “That is the goal. And right now, Project 1619 is being taught in our public schools!”

Parents observe that critical race theory is now “a new lens from which to examine every subject.”

“A new school policy in Virginia even mandates that the history of slavery be taught in kindergarten,” notes USPIE. “Are you outraged? We’re outraged, which is why we’re producing a new documentary called “Truth and Lies in American Education.”

The documentary will also discuss the issue of educating children about sex through comprehensive sex education programs, often led by left-wing groups such as Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ (gay transgender, etc.) activist groups.

The parents’ group said it was pleased to see President Donald Trump push back against Project 1619 and the “distortions and omissions in government schools about the founding of our nation and the truth about its history.”

USPIE noted with regard to its film.

The two experts interviewed in the film have written a book about how American history has been shamelessly hijacked by the left as a way to hold our children in contempt for their country. If American citizens don’t start fighting back and insist on telling the truth in the classroom, we will lose our Constitutional Republic. Yes, that is (their) premeditated goal. For decades, government schools have been destroying the family, Christianity, our freedoms, and every sense of patriotism for our country. We’ve said time and time again that it’s no wonder millennials voted overwhelmingly for self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. Children have always been taught that our founding fathers and our form of government are oppressive and bad. More recently, they have been taught to be activists for social change through the Common Core Standards curriculum, starting in kindergarten.

The Parents Union hopes the documentary will “tell Americans that trillions of dollars have been wasted on federal education over the past 40 years, with nothing worth showing except stagnant student test scores and declining academic performance.”

“Serious conversations about the federal government’s legitimate and effective role in education are taking place across the country,” the organization argues. “Returning American education to the local grassroots and restoring parental authority over their children’s education is the goal of USPIE.”