The former White House Surgeon General is urging Biden to take cognitive tests again.

The rumors that US Democratic presidential candidate Biden has repeatedly made slip of the tongue and forgotten words during the campaign and lost his mind are not just empty rumors, but former White House chief physician Ronny Jackson stressed in an interview with Fox News that Biden, who claimed to have won the presidential election, needs to be treated equally with President Donald Trump and undergo a cognitive test. He criticized the mainstream media for double standards and not requiring Biden to take a cognitive test.

The 52-year-old Jackson entered the White House in 2006 to serve in the medical group, experienced a small Bush, Obama, Trump, three presidents, last December to the Navy Commodore rank retired, this year, the conversion of life runway, on behalf of the Republican Party to win the Texas 13 constituency seat in the federal House of Representatives. Jackson is based on their professional judgment before the election, that the 77-year-old Biden does not have the mental and cognitive abilities to serve as president.

Jackson was recently in Washington to attend the House of Representatives inauguration ceremony, emphasizing that the media should ask Biden to assess cognitive ability, criticizing the media for double standards on Trump and Biden. The first time I was in the Senate, I was in the Senate, and I was in the Senate. He suspects that Biden’s gaffe was related to old age, as he may become the oldest president in U.S. history.

In the first televised debate, Biden was rumored to have hidden a remote control cable in his suit, plus he was interviewed by reporters as if he was a ghost, which exploded the suspicion that Biden was mentally unbalanced, and his mental state became a big problem in the White House.