Behind the call for a “moving vote,” the blatant fraud of the left.

The 2020 U.S. election is a hotly contested and clouded with suspicion. In the past less than 10 days, a massive amount of evidence has pointed to dozens of fraudulent practices by the Biden campaign, and more than 10,000 voters have come forward to testify publicly about Biden’s vote fraud. Although Biden’s election fraud has been blatantly obvious, the left wing of the Democratic Party is still fighting to the death by manipulating the media to support the “self-proclaimed king,” Biden, on the one hand, and the Senate, on the other hand, by any means necessary.

In January 2021, the state of Georgia will re-elect two federal senators, and whoever wins these two seats for the Democrats and Republicans will directly determine who is in charge of the Senate. The battle is so critical that Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader of the federal Senate, has publicly stated that “now that we take Georgia, we change America”.

However, it is worth noting that since 1996, Georgia has been a predominantly Republican red state. If the Democrats want to take the state’s two Senate seats, it may not be easy to do so through normal, legal channels.

It’s shocking that the top Democrats have resorted to “Chinese Communist cunning” in a desperate attempt to get their supporters to move to Georgia just to vote for the Democrats. On November 9, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman said on CNN, “I want everybody to move to Georgia next month, register to vote, and vote for two Democratic senators.”

In response, far-left icon and New York socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has announced that she is moving to Georgia immediately. Anderew Yang, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate from New York’s Chinese-American Party, called on his Twitter followers to move to Georgia. He said he and his wife are moving.

The call to “move and vote” by the top Democrats, regardless of who they are, has raised eyebrows and raised eyebrows in the minds of normal, legally-minded people.

First of all, Georgia law clearly states that it is a felony for a non-legal resident or transient to vote. So why would top Democrats have the audacity to brazenly call on their supporters to break the law in the media?

On the one hand, the mainstream media in the United States is almost entirely controlled by the left and has been reduced to a brainwashing machine for the public. And the biggest task of these brainwashing machines is to keep creating fake news, to stigmatize President Trump (Trump), to smear the Republican Party, to “lie as needed” and to “create hatred without hatred”, while labeling the Democrats and the left as ambassadors of justice! and spokespeople for liberal democracy to seize the moral high ground.

Long term brainwashing propaganda will warp the thinking of some leftist supporters. Even if the Democratic Party calls on them to do things that are illegal, to do things that hurt people, or even to devolve humanity, they will feel they are doing what is right. Isn’t that what the Chinese Communist Party did with Wolf and Pinky? The Democratic Party hierarchy is probably calculating that if they appeal to them, some “useful idiots” will jump into the fire for them with “heroic pride”. And the callers will not tell the voters that this is a crime, even if someone knows that this is a crime, the left media will try to “whitewash” these crimes.

On the other hand, although according to Georgia law, campaigners can investigate whether these “moving voters” are legal, but this is a very long process, which requires repeated hearings and subpoenaed witnesses. As you can imagine, once the Democratic Party fraud success, then for those involved in the election of criminal supporters, but also do not have to worry about the legal prosecution of the problem.

A netizen exclaimed, “These people have gone insane to seize power.” “How troublesome, moving to China to directly fulfill the ideals of the Democratic Party.”

Secondly, one can’t help but wonder what is the raison d’être of electing state senators through elections. Isn’t it just to represent the interests of the local people and speak up for them? If a large group of people who have no intention of settling in the area and are going to vote and leave, can the people they elect represent the will of the local population? This subversive approach, which is aimed at winning or losing by any means, is totally untenable from a moral point of view.

It can be seen that the call by the top management of the Democratic Party for voters to “move their votes” does not respect the law and violates basic moral conscience. If they were to succeed in their fraudulent scheme and take control of the country, the law, morality, and public opinion would all be thrown into the wastepaper basket, and they would even purge their opponents and create a dictatorial environment of one-man rule.

Recently, the AOC established the Trump Accountability Project, which aims to settle scores with President Trump’s supporters. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin also joined the purge of political opponents, saying, “Any Republican who advocates rejecting election results, or calling for disobedience to the will of the voters, or creating unfounded allegations of fraud, must not serve in an office, serve on a corporate board, or teach on campus, or be ‘Polite’ social acceptance. We have a list.” She even suggested sending President Trump’s supporters to “re-education camps” to be rehabilitated. It’s not hard to imagine that the United States will be completely “Chinese communist” by then.

Therefore, Republicans and their voters need to stand up and publicly condemn the Democratic Party leadership’s promotion of “moving the vote” as illegal and immoral, and take appropriate measures to prevent the laws of a democratic society from being exploited in this way. Since AOC and other Democratic Party executives have openly announced that they are moving to Georgia, they are no longer elected officials in New York, so their New York offices should be abolished and their local votes should be considered invalid.

On the other hand, there is an old Chinese saying: “He who wins the hearts and minds of the people wins the world”. This absurd approach by the top Democrats is bound to be offensive to more normal, sane voters, and more of the American people will use their votes to vote out the fraudulent party.

At present, President Trump’s camp is rebounding strongly, more and more evidence of vote fraud surfaced, more and more American people from all walks of life began to wake up and stand up to support President Trump. In the near future, the results of the U.S. presidential election is likely to have a major reversal, President Trump is likely to reverse the “bye” for victory, successful re-election.