Gab founder: The tech giant's next goal is to enslave humans

As big technology companies continue to expand their control over the Internet, the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the free American social media "Gab" recently warned that the technology giants are planning to control the human body and soul as their next goal.
While former President Donald Trump awaits the election results, Facebook and Twitter have launched severe speech censorship and imposed a ban on Trump, which has made the pro-freedom of speech social media "Gab" explode in popularity and won the favor of conservatives.

On Saturday (20), Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba was a guest on former Trump aide Steve Bannon's War Room, and the Christian made it clear that tech giants are seeking to create a "post-human race "post-human race.

"They're talking about using biology to enhance the human race," Tolba said, "They're talking about implanting chips into your brain, or altering your DNA, all these kinds of technologies that are applied to human biology and trying to elevate it to - -I guess in their view-the next level, basically making them gods and putting all of us, the rest of us, under their control."

Tolba said Big Tech wants to live forever and become a god, but of course God will not wait to see what happens and God will judge them.

"This is not a conspiracy theory or some Science Fiction movie." "It's the future that these guys are focused on, infusing power to consolidate their power, consolidating all the wealth to them, consolidating all the data to them," explained Tolba.

When Bannon asked if the big tech powers wanted to create a post-homo-sapien race, Tolba replied, "Post-humans, they use this technology to make them gods and use this technology to enslave the rest of the people."

In effect, Torba said, people are already enslaved to some degree. The tech giants are enslaving through these devices, through the things people put on their phones, their data and their private communications. What they want to do next is enslave our physiology and control others into digital serfs.

The term "transhuman" (transhuman) has been discussed for years, aiming to alter humans to achieve a higher, superhuman level of physicality. Torba emphasizes that the heads of big tech companies believe that they are as powerful as the gods.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg believes that he is superior to the rest of us, that he has the power to decide what we can talk about, who has a say on the Internet, what we are allowed to talk about and what links we can share," Tolba said. I don't think any one person should have that power."

He reiterated his call for Christians to exit the currently controlled system of the financial community. He warned, "You're going to be banned from banks, you're going to be banned from the Internet, and what you need to do is start setting up accounts on alternative platforms like Gab, open another bank account at a local bank or a Christian credit union. They do exist, you need to find them, and more platforms need to be set up immediately."

Tolba recommends that Christians work together and support each other to get out of the hands of the despots and the big oligarchs in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.

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