Mexico’s President Blows Up Biden’s Face, U.S. Election Chaos Ringing Alarm Bells

On November 11, Mexican President Obrador again said that it was too early to congratulate Biden on winning the election. He told a news conference, “We stand by the principles of our policy, and we are not a colony. We are a free, independent, sovereign country. The Mexican government is not a puppet of any foreign government.” “We cannot give any form of recognition to any government that is illegally established.”

In contrast to the foreign heads who rushed up to congratulate Biden, the Mexican president had the courage, the wisdom, and the words to say it all.

First of all, he pointed out the most important fact: Biden’s “election” and cabinet formation did not follow legal procedures. At present, several states of the vote counting work is still not finished or there are lawsuits and other controversies, Biden did not get 270 electoral votes, a number of media on someone’s winning “prediction” or “announcement” does not have legal force. To date, no state has recognized Biden’s victory, and the refusal of the U.S. General Services Administration to sign off on the transition with Biden’s team means that the federal government does not recognize his self-proclaimed “election”.

However, the Biden camp, in defiance of the facts and the law, has been busy preaching policy and talking on the phone with several foreign leaders, as if it were the “President-elect”.

On November 10, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the media that foreign leaders would be fine if they just greeted Biden, but he said, “Make no mistake about it. We only have one president, one secretary of state, one national security team at a time.”

Second, Ovrador emphasized that Mexico is a sovereign nation, not a colony or a puppet of a foreign government. Clearly, he is implying that he is under some sort of threat and he will not submit. Judging by the left’s recent rampage, it’s likely that the Democratic Party brass will pressure and force him to take a congratulatory stance.

Recently, Hopkins, a post office employee in Erie County, Pennsylvania, was fired and then intimidated by federal agents after he reported election fraud. This example alone shows that the left has long been desperate to seize power by any means necessary.

In the past few days, the left has been trying to force President Trump out through media campaigns, spreading the words “Trump’s refusal to concede is undermining democracy”, “Trump should accept defeat” and “leave gracefully”. and their supporters. It is absurd that criminals should pretend to be vigilantes after they have stolen. The tens of thousands of voters of all ethnicities who raised the American flag in spontaneous protest said it best: “Stop stealing elections”, we want to defend the Constitution, we want to defend America.

Thirdly, the Mexican President mentioned “staying true to our principles”, which is the core conflict in the U.S. election, as well as the choice of conscience facing the whole world.

In the eyes of the public, the leftists engaged in fraud, violating the principle of fair competition and seriously undermining the constitutionally protected rights of voters; they then blocked the victims from filing challenges and lawsuits, trampling on the moral principle of the primacy of truth. A solemn election has been spoiled into a chaotic, broken, fraud-filled and shocking theft by the various forces of the left. What is even more disturbing is that, from the President down to the people, the American people are collectively facing a crisis of being deprived of their fundamental right to seek the truth and seek justice.

On November 7, Jennifer Rubin, a female journalist representing the left media for the Washington Post, tweeted a declaration of political cleansing: “Any Republican who advocates rejection of election results, or calls for disobedience to the will of the voters, or creates unfounded allegations of fraud, must not serve in office or sit on corporate boards in the future. Or teach on campus or be accepted by the ‘polite’ community. We have a list.” She even suggested that Trump supporters be sent to “re-education camps” for rehabilitation.

Where is the standard for this hate-mongering, cold-blooded revenge-mongering tweet that is not marked as “controversial”? It is distressing and outrageous that big media and big technology companies have been reduced to a leftist propaganda machine that is hostile to the truth and perverting the course of right and wrong.

This US election has suffered premeditated, widespread and systematically operated fraud, the Constitution has been trampled and public opinion has been raped. Behind the scenes, there is deep corruption, as well as the all-round penetration of communism and the erosion of moral civilization. No one should turn a blind eye to this, nor should he or she be complicit in it or cheer for wrongdoing and evil.