Don’t the horses understand that there is no end to the nest?

Jack Ma’s control of the Ant Technology Group, two days before everything is ready to go public in the mainland, was suspended by the Chinese Communist Party to the mouth of China’s Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is actually a fat meat that will reportedly have a market value of three trillion dollars, living from the mouth that has been swallowed hard to gouge back. Chinese Communist Party mouthpieces and internet opinion have been posting articles on the matter, in which they accuse Jack Ma of being arrogant and arrogant, or saying that the misfortune comes from the mouth, and that Boss Ma is a bit of a floater, etc., which seems to be the reason why Jack Ma’s Ant Group’s listing has failed to pass through the enterprise’s net.

That’s why there are these accusations against Jack Ma, mainly because at the Bund Financial Summit, Jack Ma’s speech went beyond the mainland’s cowardly rhetoric mode and directly pointed out the CPC’s financial situation and offered unrelenting and sharp criticism. In response to the Communist Party’s so-called financial situation, Ma said there is “no systemic risk because there is no system,” and “the lack of a healthy financial system means that drought kills and waterlogging kills.

What Ma said is in fact the reality of the mainland under the Chinese Communist dictatorship. How did the mainland ever have a financial system after it was seized of power by the CCP? The so-called banking and financial institutions on the mainland have never been anything more than the money bags of the Chinese Communist Party or even the dictator. Mao Zedong thought that the amount of money given to an African country was not imposing enough, and added a zero to the end of it with his pen. Xi Jinping’s trips abroad are easily tens of billions of dollars in largesse. Is this how the financial system works?

What Jack Ma said is the truth, but it is obviously a taboo words, can also be said to be a big disrespect to the approval of the scale, whether for the company or individual, all related to the rise and fall of life and death of the words and actions. Born under the Chinese Communist rule in mainland China for decades, intelligent and developed people like Jack Ma, do not know the dangers involved? In addition, this time, Jack Ma is not like the previous speech, which was read out from a script, that is to say, he came prepared.

In fact, as long as you study the Bund Financial Summit in detail, it is not difficult to find out that Wang Qishan, the former governor of the Bank of China, the vice minister of finance of the Chinese Communist Party, and many other bigwigs, delivered a guiding speech, the center and focus on the Chinese Communist Party’s financial tight control, and can be said to be undisguised meaning, such as Wang Qishan said the Chinese Communist Party financial not to follow the crooked path of speculation and gambling, financial bubble cycle of the wrong path, and the Chinese Communist Party’s financial system. Ponzi scheme evil road; Zhou Xiaochuan, Yi Gang and other national leaders, but also all the big talk about over-consumption is worrying, building firewalls to prevent and resolve major risks. Even directly put forward to prevent financial technology to induce over-consumption, prevent financial technology illegal arbitrage, prevent financial technology winner-takes-all three to prevent.

These basic for financial technology CPC declared, it is hard not to think of Jack Ma’s upcoming listing of the company, Jack Ma created the Ant Group not long ago, Ant Micro Financial Services Group officially renamed Ant Financial Technology Group. From Jack Ma speech so furious and desperate, as well as written beforehand and read according to the draft, he actually already knew that the financial summit, is aimed at him Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Technology Group. As for Jack Ma so recklessly straightforward, whether it is hoping to save the Ant Financial crisis, so that the Chinese Communist Party to clean up the Ant Group when there is a reprieve, or before the crisis, the effort to howl, I am afraid not mixed feelings can be easily sorted out.

The Ant Financial Technology Group is the meat on the Communist Party’s chopping board, and a clear lineage can be seen from the series of experiences after Jack Ma’s financial summit speech. Ma and a number of senior executives of the Ant Group were then interviewed by the People’s Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of the Communist Party of China. At the same time, the CBIRC and the People’s Bank of China, issued a draft of the “Interim Measures for the Management of Online Microfinance Business” for comments. The listing of Ant Financial Technology was also ordered to stop two days before the upcoming sale. Internet rumors, including reports in the Japanese media, suggest that the disastrous defeat of Ant Group was directly manipulated and personally directed by Xi Jinping.

Reports also say that the State Council of the Communist Party of China prepared a public opinion report on Ma’s speech and submitted it to Xi and other cores of Communist Party power. It seems that Xi Jinping ordered Chinese regulators to investigate and effectively prevented Ant Group from raising funds on the stock market, only for Ma’s wildly contradictory comments to invite disaster. But everything that happened around the ant group listing, how is such a simple cause-and-effect relationship can be muddled past, including the online microfinance regulations came out, the early signs of premeditation, not traces, but very complete naked across the front.

Jack Ma’s stream was able to get rich in the Communist-controlled mainland, but of course it was inextricably linked to the powerful families at the heart of the Chinese Communist Party. Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing and Huo Ying-tung, among others, had to accept the exploitation and extortion of the Chinese Communist Party’s powerful figures in the mainland. In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, these native billionaires are just fattening up to slaughter or political need to slaughter. In the end, the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship is its genetic decision, whether it is power or property rights will not let go, once the Chinese Communist Party regarded as touching this or political needs, a deadly move will not have two words.

The funny thing is that Jack Ma, for one, believes that he is intertwined with the core of the Communist Party’s power, and for another, he can always dress up and offer his loyalty. If the Chinese Communist Party signals that the private sector has completed its historical mission, Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong put on red uniforms and rushed to Yan’an to express their loyalty. However, how many of those who thought they were close to the Communist Party in the past have escaped being beaten to death or shot during the land reform? Don’t the horses know that there is no end to the nest? Of course they know that the problem is that they are too smart, smart enough to think they can stay out of the overflow nest. The question is, is it real?