Can Jack Ma retire with peace of mind as he steps down as a director of Alibaba?

On September 30, Jack Ma stepped down from his position as a director of Alibaba. It is widely said that this time Ma can finally retire with peace of mind, as Ali’s partnership system will ensure the succession of generations. Is this really the case?
In fact, the effectiveness of Ali’s partner system will take longer to be tested. The purpose of Jack Ma’s retaining the status of permanent partner is to ensure that this system, in TA’s lifetime, can be effectively implemented.

Ma said in his lectures that leaders need three powers, that is, physical strength, mental strength and mental strength. As we grow older, our physical strength will definitely deteriorate and our mental strength will not keep up with the younger generation, but our mental strength will not fail, just like the 88-year-old Kazuo Inamori and the 76-year-old Ren Zhengfei.

Therefore, Mr. Ma will always have a heart for Ali. He will also use his power as a permanent partner to influence Ali in the event of a change. If you don’t believe me, we can wait and see. #Ma Retirement.