Jailed Uyghur scholar Daouti wins New York human rights organization award

Uighur scholar Rahile Dawut, who was arrested by the Chinese government three years ago, received the 2020 Courage to Think Award from the New York-based human rights group Scholars at Risk on Wednesday.

The award will be presented through an online conference, and Akeda Pulati, Daouti’s daughter, will receive the award on her behalf, Radio Free Asia’s Uyghur Service reported. In a statement, Pulati said her mother is a scholar and not a prisoner. She added that Dağuti’s previous research on the folklore and cultural traditions of China’s minority groups posed no threat to the government, other institutions or the Chinese people.

Dagouti, who was an associate professor at Xinjiang University’s School of Humanities and director of the Xinjiang Folklore and Culture Research Center, was arrested in December 2017. Outsiders speculate that she may have been placed in a local detention camp.