Swiss and Canadian Ambassadors to China Make Rare Visit to Tibet

Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan Department reports that the Swiss and Canadian ambassadors to China recently made a rare official visit to Tibet. They observed the situation there and raised their concerns with Chinese officials.

A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada was quoted in the report as saying that Canadian Ambassador Dominic Barton visited Tibet from October 26 to 30, adding that it was the first time a Canadian official had visited Tibet since 2015, while foreign government officials need an official invitation from China to enter Tibet.

The head of a Canadian NGO said to this station that Baodamin will brief them on Monday on the experiences and gains of the trip.

The report also cited sources as saying that Swiss Ambassador Bernardino Regazzoni visited Tibet on Sept. 7-11, the first visit by a Swiss official since 2017, but the Swiss Embassy in Beijing declined to provide more details to this station.