UK, Japan, Russia all record number of infections

The epidemic situation in a number of countries around the world intensified, in addition to the U.S. epidemic almost completely out of control, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia and other countries also hit a record high number of infections in a single day.

The British authorities announced yesterday that the number of new infections reached 33,470, a record-breaking number; the number of hospitalizations also increased by 1,688, bringing the total number of hospitalizations to 187,450.

NHK reported that the number of new infections in Japan hit a record high of 1,661 in 12 days, with 393 new infections in Tokyo.

In Russia, the number of new infections in the past three days has also surpassed 21,000. The Russian government has asked local authorities to set up a reserve of beds to accommodate the new patients by Nov. 16, and to ensure the supply of medicines for patients undergoing home treatment.