Seeing the world in the general election, Trump’s bath of fire?

In the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the showdown between President Trump and Biden has tugged at the hearts of millions of people. President Trump, whose victory was not in doubt on election night, woke up to find a bizarre reversal in Biden’s favor in several swing states.

Bullying by American media, big tech companies

Just as President Trump discovered that Biden had serious fraud and was taking legal action, the left and the “mainstream media” actually began a one-sided campaign to promote Biden’s lead, and couldn’t wait to put the electoral votes of key states under Biden’s name. They turned a blind eye to a large number of witnesses and physical evidence of election fraud, but also backtracked, and constantly stigmatized President Trump.

When President Trump held his first press conference to call for a fair election, the three big media ABC, CBS, MSNBC even used the “Chinese Communist Party’s usual trick” – directly cut off the live broadcast, MSNBC’s anchor Williams (Brian Williams) even said to amend President Trump’s remarks.

Facebook and Twitter waved the stick of “CCP-style censorship” even more recklessly, branding almost all of President Trump’s posts as special. What’s more, whenever people’s posts mentioned words like Biden, Trump or the election, they would be tagged. Even more emblematic of the Facebook straw man, a Facebook user uploaded an image of a small number (English: Trumpet), and the post was tagged simply because the word Trumpet included President Trump’s name, Trump.

In the midst of a wave of questions from the outside world, Biden bypassed the U.S. Federal Election Commission and eagerly declared himself elected. Although Biden’s “election” has no legal effect, the U.S. “mainstream media”, social media and big technology companies are scrambling to build momentum for Biden, trying to create enormous psychological pressure on Trump and his supporters, forcing Trump to admit defeat.

The reckless congratulatory telegrams of foreign politicians reflect the warmth of human emotions.

After Biden’s “election” in the major media, the heads of state of many countries immediately sent congratulatory messages to Biden, some of which were overflowing with praise.

It was a shock to the outside world that the leaders of the countries that congratulated Biden came from allied countries, including all the members of the Five Eyes Alliance and the new members of the quasi “Six Eyes Alliance” that President Trump pushed hard. What’s even more amazing is that some of those who embraced Biden were leaders of countries that have been benefiting from President Trump’s full support in the military, diplomatic and national security fields over the past few years.

The heads of state who congratulated Biden should know something about the legal process of the U.S. presidential election, because some of them are lawyers. Moreover, they should have heard about Biden’s “election fraud” scandal, which has been making the rounds internationally. Why, then, did they recklessly congratulate Biden before the actual election results were known? Whatever the reasons, the behaviour of these politicians reveals that they may have chosen between morality and profit. The outraged public is fed up with this and calls the heads of State “ungrateful”, “tyrannical” and “avenging their debt” … …

President Trump never gives up in the midst of trials.

Under the pressure of public opinion, political pressure and pressure from domestic and foreign parties, some are watching, some are compromising and some are falling back. However, President Trump said, for the sake of the United States, never give up.

President Trump gave a speech in 2017 called “never give up”, he said: “Never, never, never give up, don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t back down. Don’t stop doing what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. Everything worth doing in the world, if it is the right thing to do, is bound to go through a lot of trials and tribulations. And the more righteous you fight against something, the more sinister the resistance you will encounter. Your heart is engraved with devotion, sacrifice and loyalty. So you must go out now and turn your hopes and dreams into reality in action.”

American history is replete with moments of crisis that have tested the courage and conviction of presidents, such as President Washington’s Christmas Eve battle in 1776 when American independence was thwarted, and President Lincoln’s Gettysburg battle during the Civil War when the United States faced complete disintegration. In the midst of this unprecedented challenge, President Trump is indefatigably battling the forces of the far left, the big corporations, the media, the tech giants and the deep state.

President Kawakami is not alone, and we will see an awakening of thousands of troops.

This American election is like a demon mirror, exposing the evil, corruption and nastiness of the left and all kinds of dark forces for all to see. Many American people were shocked and they truly saw that the communist red devils were trying to devour America. More importantly, people with good intentions were moved by President Trump’s selflessness and persistence, and more and more righteous forces began to assemble, standing firmly on President Trump’s side and saying no to the evil forces.

  1. strong endorsement of the Republican Party

On November 9, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell publicly backed Trump, stating that President Trump is 100 percent authorized to investigate irregularities and that the Democrats have no reason to worry about the findings if there is no fraud. On the same day, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted, “Donald Trump has never stopped fighting for us and we will continue to fight until every legitimate vote is counted!” On November 10, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) in the White House press conference to answer questions from reporters, firm and calm, the State Department will be a smooth transition to the second Trump administration.

Earlier, on November 5, the Senate Republicans’ official Twitter feed issued a statement endorsing Trump: “President Trump has defended American interests over the past four years. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him every step of the way ahead.” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (D-Md.) donated $500,000 to Trump’s legal fund on the 5th to fund the Trump campaign’s lawsuits against the election process in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada.

In addition, a number of Republican lawmakers, including Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz, have publicly occurred to defend Trump and support a legal investigation into Biden’s vote fraud.

  1. the judiciary joins the Justice Coalition

On November 9, Attorney General Barr issued a memo authorizing federal prosecutors to investigate numerous allegations of voting irregularities before the election results are confirmed. In addition, 16 U.S. state attorneys general have recently signed a joint petition submitting an opinion to the federal Supreme Court in support of the Trump team’s legal claims in Pennsylvania. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has publicly stated that he has taken a leave of absence to fully support President Trump’s legal team.

Lucian Lincoln Wood, one of the nation’s top human rights barristers, has announced that he is joining the Trump camp. Wood was a Democrat, this year turned to support the re-election of Donald Trump, he pointed out that Trump is running for president for the people, at the moment has come to “the time we fight for the president. In addition, the famous American lawyer Mc Murtry (Todd Mc Murtry) expressed willingness to provide free help for Trump.

  1. Hollywood’s Voice of Justice

Although Hollywood has long been bought by the Chinese Communist Party and the far left, and many celebrities are proud to be anti-Trump, this election, however, many celebrities stood up for President Trump. Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo took to Twitter to slam the ballot-counting process as unfair and demanded a recount. Actress Kirstie Alley questioned the results of the vote on Twitter and tweeted a picture saying Biden is not the president. Actor and director Scott Baio shared a statement from President Trump, accusing Biden of “rushing to pretend to be the winner. Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. took to Twitter to congratulate President Trump on his re-election victory, calling him “my president.” ……

  1. Devotional prayers of the religious community

After Election Day, Carlo Maria Viganò, former Vatican ambassador to the United States and titular archbishop of the District of Ulpana, released a third open letter saying that President Trump is the greatest president ever and that all the good people of the world should pray for him to defeat the enemies of God. Archbishop Viganò had earlier said that the 2020 U.S. election is a showdown between the sons of light and the sons of darkness and has unprecedented historical significance for the United States and the planet.

On October 18, the pastor of the Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ in India, Sun Dasho, who has some kind of supernatural powers and is regarded by some as a “prophet”, posted a video on YouTube telling people: “You must not elect the wrong person, God has given America four more years, do not elect the wrong person. Trump is a fighter, a resister, he is strong, he is willing to carry the burden of the American people and America and to fight for America.” “You’re going to keep praying, not just until November 3, but until January 20, because there’s going to be big events in between.”

Now, at various rallies in support of Trump and demanding an end to vote theft, scenes of God-fearing Americans praying for President Trump can be seen, as well as Americans praying outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

  1. the tide of popular awakening is unstoppable

At least 220,000 reports of fraud have been received since President Trump’s team launched its “Vote Fraud Reporting Platform”. A growing number of witnesses have signed affidavits stating that they witnessed fraud by Biden’s team. Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, said at a news conference that at least 90 witnesses in Pennsylvania alone have sworn to confirm Democratic election fraud.

On November 7, all 50 states held simultaneous “Stop The Steal” (Stop The Steal) rallies to protest against Biden’s fraud in the election. 7 and 8, two days, everywhere, the protest crowd and car lineups are huge, spectacular scenes. In Long Island, New York, for example, there were thousands of cars involved, a lineup every bit as imposing as the pro-Trump march in October.

According to a newly released Hill-Harris X poll, 85 percent of the American people believe that the priority now is to count all the legal votes, rather than rushing to announce the election results. One Wisconsin voter said that America is in great danger; people must step up to the plate, find the truth and tell the truth ……

Can President Trump turn “worship” into victory and rebirth?

Thanks to the efforts of righteous people from all walks of life seeking justice and truth, the results of the US election are turning in the right direction.

According to Decision Desk HQ, a non-partisan US election information website, President Trump has won in North Carolina, winning 15 electoral votes. Mainstream US media predicts that Trump will go on to take Alaska’s three electoral votes.

Wisconsin is rumored to have 195,000 of Trump’s votes were incorrectly counted under Biden’s name, and after this error is corrected, Trump will surpass Biden and take back the state’s 10 electoral votes. Also, in Arizona, the difference between President Trump and Biden is now less than 1 percent, and under Arizona law, a vote difference of 1 percent or less will automatically result in a recount. The Trump campaign predicts that Trump will likely win the state’s 11 electoral votes.

In addition, the U.S. political polling website Real Clear Politics has removed Pennsylvania’s electoral votes previously classified as Biden’s. Trump’s team says that or as many as 900,000 invalid votes were cast in Pennsylvania, and they have enough evidence to flip Pennsylvania red and smoothly get the state’s 20 electoral votes. By that count, President Trump would end up winning more than 270 electoral votes and thus be re-elected.

November 10, has seen the dawn of victory, President Trump sent out an encouraging tweet: we will win, we have made tremendous progress, next week everyone will see the results, make America great again!

Although there are still many tribulations and obstacles ahead, the scales of justice have tipped in President Trump’s favor, and more good things are yet to come. I hope that more good people can contribute to this battle between good and evil and come together to help President Trump through the tribulations and be reborn.