Trump Lawyers List 301 Witnesses Impeachment Team Drops Calling Witnesses

The scene of the impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 13.

The U.S. Senate impeachment trial against Trump was set to end on Saturday (13), but the Democratic impeachment team suddenly made a temporary motion to subpoena witnesses and voted to pass it. An angry team of Trump lawyers then drew up a list of 301 witnesses, and Democrats were forced to end their plans to call witnesses.

On Saturday morning EST, after arguments between the prosecution and defense concluded, the impeachment team suddenly inserted a motion to call witnesses and it passed by a vote of 55-45. The impromptu addition to the proceedings added uncertainty to the end of the impeachment case and drew the ire of Trump’s legal team and Republican lawmakers.

According to a video leaked by a reporter at the scene, a man showed a female reporter a list of witnesses to be called by Trump’s legal team, indicating a total of 301 people, followed by the phrase “so far” in parentheses, meaning the list could continue to grow at a later date.

The list includes Speaker of the House Pelosi, Vice President He Jinli and Washington DC Mayor Bowser, among others. According to The Gateway Pundit, the Trump team asked Pelosi and others to explain why they repeatedly refused to raise security at the Capitol until Jan. 6.

According to the procedure, for each witness, the Senate has to vote on whether to subpoena the witness.

The Democratic impeachment team withdrew plans to call the witnesses after the Trump team made the aforementioned list. The impeachment process returned to the closing stages from the new. A final vote on the impeachment is expected to take place that day.

During the vote on the Democratic motion to subpoena witnesses, Republican Senator Graham originally voted against the motion, but changed his vote to support it at the last minute. He said Republicans also used the opportunity to call witnesses just in Time to prove Trump’s innocence.

As early as before the impeachment trial began, Graham had warned Democrats that it was best to end the drama as soon as possible, otherwise Republicans would call the FBI to testify to prove that the Jan. 6 storming of Congress was a pre-planned conspiracy.

CNN has also confirmed that the FBI arrested a number of registered Democrats and people who did not vote in the election as part of the congressional riots.