be bullied by others

The legitimacy of the U.S. election results are still to be determined, Trump did not admit defeat, in several states lawsuits; the Attorney General authorized the FBI and prosecutors to investigate allegations of voting unfairness; the U.S. General Services Administration Director did not sign the document, let the Biden team handover; Monday CNN took Arizona from Biden votes under the name, Biden from 290 to 279, although still over the election threshold, but this may just be the beginning of the correction. Even without a judicial process, states have until Dec. 8 to confirm their votes, and Dec. 14 to elect a president by electoral vote.

Media coverage of who is elected is not a substitute for due process.

A number of dignitaries have congratulated Biden on his election, ignoring the fact that the election is still controversial, and the most shocking of them was Tsai Ing-wen who also joined in the congratulations, some said, “Before the election, Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Green media backed Trump on one side, and now look at the wind, arrogant and toothless!”

I do think this action by Tsai is understandable, as it reflects her and even the Taiwanese public’s anxiety and fear of Biden’s election. A few days earlier, on Nov. 5, when Biden was clearly in the lead, Tsai had already said on Facebook that she wanted to pay close attention to the situation in the Taiwan Strait, to liaise closely with neighboring countries, to interact closely with the U.S. government, the two houses, and various political circles, and to pay particular attention to the arms sale case and the friendly Taiwan bill of recent years. The words reveal deep concern about whether Trump’s pro-Taiwan anti-China policy can continue.

The Chinese Communist Party has recently frequently threatened Taiwan with military aircraft crossing the long-defaulted middle line in the Taiwan Strait, and the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are considered to have reached a “quasi-war state”, with Ma Ying-jeou saying “the first war is the last war”, quite fearful of war, and former National Security Council Secretary General Su Qi saying that if Trump wins, the Tsai authorities will win; but if Trump loses, the risk is very high.

And look at Biden’s statement that his policy towards China “will require China to abide by international rules”; the computer-gate revelations about his son Hunter’s transfer of interests with China and the possibility that China may have caught him with a sore foot; his website announcing his four priorities for future administration: epidemic prevention, the economy, race and climate change, which does not include any of the Chinese topics of concern; and his statement that Would undo some of Trump’s policies by executive order, including increasing tariffs on China; plus Obama had said he would not violate the one-China principle ……. No more evidence is needed to show that hoping that Biden will continue Trump’s policy towards China is undoubtedly wishful dreaming. Trump’s arms sale may not be fulfilled, and China’s attack on the US may simply be a “request to abide by international rules”. Tsai Ing-wen’s fears and anxieties are precisely the anxieties of many in Taiwan. Her premature congratulations, despite her disregard for legality, are inappropriate.

In China, on the other hand, Xi Jinping has still not congratulated Biden on his “election” to this day, although the People’s Daily tweeted “HaHa” to mock Trump’s claim to have won the election, which was also quickly deleted.

Is the Chinese Communist Party waiting for legal results to be announced before “making a decision and then moving”? I’m afraid not. What if Trump had been declared elected by the media? I am sure that the Chinese Communist Congress will be quick to congratulate us. The reason?

François Rabelais, a sixteenth-century French writer, said, “But whoever is inferior, if you flatter him, he will bully you; if you bully him, he will flatter you.” Not only do you flatter him, but do him good, and he will bully you. This is even more inferior than bullying the good and fearing the bad.

In the early days of the epidemic, Russia reportedly drove tens of thousands of Chinese expatriates out of Russia; North Korea blocked the North Korean-Chinese border and shot dead Chinese who crossed the border, but the Chinese Communist Party did not utter a word about these two evildoers. This is due to the fact that the US has been too generous to China in the past.

Biden, China should be a bit confident, or have some “chief” in hand, no need to congratulate and suck up to Biden too early; Trump’s election must be sucked up to him early. Because we don’t know what other spicy moves he will make against China, earlier the U.S. “Air Force” magazine’s photo shows the control of the beheading operation MQ-9 drone air force personnel uniforms, armbands printed with the shape of China’s map of the red silhouette, let the hawkish Hu Xijin alarmed “in doing war mobilization” “extremely”. Unusual.” It’s really intimidating. So you have to be evil enough for evil people, because in an evil world, people are bullied by others. Hong Kong people have been too nice to the Chinese Communist Party in the past few decades, so it bullied Hong Kong people the most.