Pompeo: Will help Chinese people knock down cyber firewall

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke at the Ronald Reagan Institute on Tuesday (Nov. 10) with a speech titled “America’s Promise. He noted that the Trump administration has successfully shifted its policy toward the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and said he wants to help the Chinese people knock down the CCP’s cyber firewall.

In this speech, Pompeo used the strongest language to date to describe the Chinese Communist government. He said, “These policies of ‘strength and candor’ are the foundation of U.S. policy against the Chinese Communist Party – the number one threat to freedom in the world today. We show the Chinese Communist Party for what it is. It is authoritarian, brutal, and antithetical to human dignity and freedom.”

The Reagan Institute launched the Center for Freedom and Democracy on Tuesday, and Pompeo was invited to speak. He quoted former U.S. President Ronald Reagan as saying in his famous speech before the Berlin Wall, “Tear down this wall!” He praised President Reagan’s advocacy of democratic freedoms and his “strength and candor” in confronting the former Soviet threat. Today, President Trump is doing the same in the face of the Chinese Communist challenge.

Pompeo noted that the Trump administration has successfully reversed its policy toward the Chinese Communist Party, and that “the new consensus on the Chinese Communist Party is the historic result of American strength and candor. Indeed, the urgency of this matter is now recognized across the political spectrum. It shows that the Trump administration has made a successful and important shift for U.S. national security and, indeed, for the freedom of all humanity.”

Pompeo said the Trump administration has mobilized all sectors and used all tools to address the Chinese Communist challenge. He also said the U.S. needs to help the Chinese people gain access to free information and knock down the Internet firewall.

Pompeo said, “Ultimately, the Chinese people will determine the course of their country’s history. Our basic job is to make sure that the Chinese people have access to information and data, everything they need to know, so that they, too, can share in the freedoms that we hold so dear. We’re going to have the ability to enable them to knock down this cyber firewall that’s imprisoning China, and that’s going to allow the Chinese people to make a completely different decision, different from the path that their leaders are taking them down now.”

He predicted that China will eventually end the one-party dictatorship and that “ultimately the Chinese people, like the people of the Soviet Union, will ultimately determine the course of this country’s history.”

President Donald Trump, in a speech last November marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, said, “Let the fate of the Berlin Wall be a lesson to oppressive regimes and rulers of all nations: no iron curtain can ever contain the iron will of men determined to fight for freedom.”

In his speech on Tuesday, Pompeo also spoke about the important role that institutions such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the Global Media Authority, play in defending democratic freedoms around the world. They need to be given the right leaders and tools to empower them to achieve their goals.