U.S. media: U.S. pre-election “election fraud punishment” and other keywords search volume soared

The U.S. presidential election phase came to an end, the Democratic Party candidate Biden temporarily won the election, but the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump for the results are still not convinced, claiming that the election fraud, and in many states to launch a legal battle. Now the United States media found strange trend, “election fraud punishment”, “how to sell votes” and other keywords search volume even soared before the election.

Kawakubo alleged that the election election fraud in many states, the United States conservative media pointed out the strange phenomenon, “election fraud punishment” (election fraud punishment), “election fraud jail” (election fraud jail, election fraud prison), “how to sell ballot” (how to sell ballot) and other keywords, before the election in the search engine Google’s search volume soared.

The report pointed out that, “election fraud punishment” in Arizona, Pennsylvania search volume for the most, and “election fraud jail” (election fraud jail) in Arizona, Texas search volume is quite high, “election fraud jail” (election fraud prison) in Arizona, Pennsylvania search volume is also many.

The report stressed that “how to sell votes” began to be popular in the month before the election, and reached its peak at the end of last month, the keyword was searched the most in California.