Large number of Haitian immigrants entering Texas arrested, huge wave of immigrants coming?

Biden‘s new immigration policy has huge appeal to illegal immigrants. A large number of illegal immigrants suspected of being from Haiti were arrested last Saturday (Jan. 30) in Del Rio, Texas, in Val Verde County, after they entered Texas illegally from Mexico.

Mexican immigration officials have warned U.S. border authorities that the U.S. could face a potential migrant influx, with an army of migrants passing through Mexico on chartered buses.

The Breitbart News, citing anonymous sources, reported on Saturday that more than 90 foreigners, many of them suspected Haitian citizens, were arrested that day after entering Texas illegally. A spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) later confirmed that the agency arrested more than 90 illegal aliens near the city of Del Rio shortly after 9 a.m. on Saturday. Mexican law enforcement dispersed another group of illegal immigrants who had not yet entered the United States.

The group of arrested immigrants is currently being held in the city of Del Rio and is being processed by Border Patrol, so the exact nationality of the group is not yet known, but many of them are suspected to be Haitian nationals. While border apprehensions attract little attention, the size of the group and their country of origin do speak volumes.

In Mexico, third-country nationals can travel freely in Mexico as long as they provide proof of travel and promise to leave the country within a set period of Time, and with Biden’s open immigration policy, more migrants from Haiti are expected to follow, but the risk of crossing the border illegally is enormous. Since last Oct. 1, the Del Rio Border Patrol has recovered the bodies of 18 illegal immigrants who died on their way to cross the Rio Grande or shortly after successfully crossing into Texas.

According to Breitbart News last month, border patrol agents in Del Rio received information from Mexican authorities last month 8 about a possible drowning in the Rio Grande River. When patrol arrived in the area, they found the body of a 33-year-old pregnant woman from Haiti whose husband had drowned days earlier, also seemingly while trying to cross the border illegally.

Del Rio City Border Patrol officials said in a written statement that “the freezing temperatures, winter mixed with snow and ice, and cold river water pose an increased risk to the lives of those attempting to enter the United States illegally.” City officials also warned those individuals of the dangers of winter crossing, in addition to the unpredictable currents, deep water and cold water temperatures that cross the Rio Grande, putting illegal immigrants at greater risk.