The iphone 12 has just been launched for 300 RMB.

It’s almost the end of the year, and all the major brands of mobile phones that should be sent out are almost finished.

Are there still a lot of etc. parties in the seats? (especially those waiting for the iPhone 12 series to drop in price)

I know what you’re waiting for, it’s the November 11th e-commerce event.
All of you want to take advantage of this special offer to get your hands on your favorite products.

Today, I have good news for you, this year’s e-commerce event has started early!

This time, we are going to do something again, “10 billion subsidies for November 11 campaign” then play, from November 10 to November 11, every day is very violent!

So, guys, don’t go to sleep tonight, get up and join me on the shuttle.

Original price is green, special price is red.

Many of you have asked me if there are any special offers for the iPhone 12 this time.

I wasn’t sure, but this time I found out that the iPhone 12 has come in for a $10 billion subsidy!

The original official website price of 6,299 yuan for the iPhone 12, after sparring tens of billions of subsidies, only 5,999 yuan!

Doesn’t it smell good?

But I’m telling you it’s not over yet.

There are still $300 off coupons available tonight at 21:00, 22:00, 23:00, 0:00, and a few other full points, which means that after you get your coupons, the price starts at $5,699!

Turns out waiting parties never lose! For those of you who are planning to buy iPhone 12, you are in luck.

10 Billion Subsidy Apple Sessions

Of course, there’s a lot of activity on older models, and I don’t need to tell you how fragrant the iPhone 11 released last year really is.

Although now buy iPhone 11 series is already a simple version, but sparring doesn’t want you to buy so monotonous.

The 128GB version of the iPhone 11 Lite, after a $1,000 coupon, will only cost you $4,699, and note that it will also come with an official value of $1,279 AirPods2.

That’s a nice way to save the price of an AirPods Pro!
10 Billion Subsidy Apple Sessions

The new 11-inch iPad Pro 128GB will be available for $5,499, which is honestly a bit of a bomb.
Apple’s $10 billion in subsidies

But don’t forget that many students bought the iPhone 12 series still on the way, so it is necessary to arrange the accessories first.

The AirPods Pro is undoubtedly one of the items that Apple users are all in love with right now.

Especially after the recent firmware update and the addition of spatial audio and other features, it allows you to experience a seamless Apple ecosystem, and that feeling simply takes off~.

And now, Spellbound says it’s even cheaper at my place!

The official website is $1999 for the AirPods Pro, which is only $1499 after the coupon.

Of course, if you’re not that demanding about listening to music and watching videos, then the AirPods are perfectly adequate!

The AirPods2 is now $1246 on the official website, $839 for a billion subsidies, and also just $799 after the coupon.

The actual actual actuality is that you’ll be able to get the most out of this particular.

10 Billion Subsidy Apple Sessions

Of course, let’s not forget that many Chinese phones have been very bright in the past two years.
For those who want to balance performance and image features, I recommend Huawei.
The Huawei Mate 30 Pro, for example, has a powerful Leica Quad-Camera system with a 5G chipset from the Shanghai Sleek Kirin.

There’s no need for me to tell you how powerful it is, as it has excellent performance in photography, performance and gaming.

Naturally, Spellbound won’t let it go this time around.

It will go live on November 11, at 0:00.

The main event of the day is the “The New York Times”, which will be held at the New York City Museum of Art.

Mobile phone special field

In addition, in time for this kind of e-commerce festival, I believe that we not only have a demand for mobile phones, in fact, computers are also a new need.
Whether it is office or game, which can be without it?

The Lenovo Pro13 is a perfect fit, with a body weight of only 1.28kg, so it can be taken to work or on business trips, stuffed directly into a backpack and carried away, very light.

As for the configuration, the 6-core, 12-threaded 7nm Raptor processor can easily do PPT, write Word, and 16G of RAM with the Radeon graphics card, so you can play LOL with your friends with outstanding performance.

Do you think this high-performance full-screen laptop is going to be expensive?
After spelling tens of billions of dollars in subsidies, you can get it for only $5,979, young man, what are you waiting for?
Pinduoduo tens of billions of subsidies – Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro13

Of course, there’s plenty of computers for you besides the Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro13, so don’t hesitate to come in and take a look around first!
computer session

When it comes to playing games, there’s nothing more professional than a gaming console, and the recently hyped Nintendo Switch console is a case in point.
In my case, just give me a Switch and I can put it to full use during my free time at work and commute to work.

Image from the web

Coincidentally this time on the sparring, the Switch movimori limited edition even have a discount, only 2,059 yuan.

Feel the joy of the Switch

Of course, in addition to the digital products I am familiar with, sparto billions of subsidies small to toys large to home appliances, covering a variety of categories of products, point the following day hundred venue, everything!
Ri Bai venue
The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you’re getting into and what you’re doing.

It’s not like I’m taking sides, I’m not taking sides, I’m taking a lap down, it’s all really product + really price.

The “10 billion subsidies November 11 activities” is a real let you enjoy the preferences, strength all open.

The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who are not in a position to get the most out of the product.