Bye-bye, President Tsai.

Biden’s self-proclaimed kingship has been congratulated by dignitaries from many countries in disregard of procedural fairness and the fact that the U.S. Official Election Commission has yet to announce the election results.

I was shocked to learn that Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen could not wait to congratulate Biden on his election. Many people have defended Tsai for reasons such as diplomatic protocol, being forced to do what is best for the security of the people, and the fact that the president of Taiwan has no personal preference and has no right to favor one candidate over another.

None of these defenses are valid. If Biden were the choice of American voters and the officially recognized winner, it would be both logical and reasonable for Tsai Ing-wen as Taiwan’s president to congratulate the other side, and no one would have a slight to say. The problem is that this election, with its alleged fraud and the evidence abounding, has been made clear by the Trump campaign that it must be settled in court before an official and legally binding decision can be made on who won the election.

Can’t wait to congratulate Biden before the results of the election are officially announced, before the legal dispute over alleged fraud is resolved, and for what? Don’t tell me Tsai was a momentary lapse. Her decision to do this as President of Taiwan was a decision of the entire team, and unlike Lin Zheng, who has a B.A. in social sciences, Tsai herself received her L.L.M. from Cornell University and was admitted to the bar in the U.S. before earning her J.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Whether she ignores the legal process, or ignores the fraudulent arguments, we can judge for ourselves.

Under the American electoral system, who gets elected is inherently not an issue, because the electoral system ensures that voters can correct their bad choices in the next election. But if the electoral system itself is broken, the voter has no more opportunity to correct it. Tsai will not fail to understand this shallow truth.

Starting today, President Choi, bye-bye!