Facebook Twitter contributes to election fraud, clamps down on free speech

The fraud and abuse in the United States elections is alarming. Corrupt leftist politicians and the leftist media were the leading forces behind the disruption of the election, and evidence continues to emerge of the involvement of Twitter and Facebook, which “helped” the Democrats by funneling benefits and suppressing freedom of speech.

As President Trump said on Nov. 5, he has encountered unprecedented interference from big media, big conglomerates and big technology companies.

The president of Facebook tried to influence the outcome of the election with huge sums of money.

On November 6, the World Tribune, a conservative media outlet in the United States, published a story revealing that Facebook President Zuckerberg attempted to influence the outcome of the election with financial transfers.

The article describes a lawsuit filed on October 19 in the Middle District Court of Pennsylvania by the “Pennsylvania Voters Alliance,” several public employees and candidates, among others, in which the plaintiffs point out that Zuckerberg funneled money to nonprofits” The Center for Tech and Civik Life/CTCL provided $10 million with an explicit request that Philadelphia open no less than 800 new polling places, and the funding also included “compensation” for judges. The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) was created to enable them to “oversee the vote count and handle disputes over the results of the count”.

“The Center for Technology and Civic Life, founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, is run by staffers appointed by former President Barack Obama and Democratic Party officials responsible for elections.

In September, Zuckerberg pledged in a Facebook post to invest $250 million in CTCL to help fund the staff, training and equipment needed by local governments to deal with the November election.In October, Zuckerberg announced that he and his wife would donate another $100 million to CTCL, saying it was to bolster the voting infrastructure.

Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline is supporting Pennsylvania’s lawsuit. He is also conducting related investigations and lawsuits against Facebook and CTCL as director of the conservative group the Amistad Project.

Kline says Zuckerberg is using CTCL to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to left-wing strongholds in several swing states to influence the outcome of elections. It’s a scheme designed by partisan activists under the guise of supporting the epidemic.

Klein declared in a press release that this year, Zuckerberg has provided almost as much money to election administration as the federal government. The American people have a right to know what drove him to take this extraordinary action and where all the funds went.

Canadian political commentator Mark Steyn argues that elections in swing states have now become a subsidiary of Facebook, the Votebook.

WJLA-TV reported on Oct. 10 that documents filed in court by the Amistad Project show that within a month of Zuckerberg’s $250 million announcement, CTCL gave nearly $26 million to more than a dozen cities and counties in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three key election states. Seventy-six percent of the votes in those three states went to Hillary in the 2016 election.

On October 14, Just the News reported that Zuckerberg said the funding was for “safe elections” and that he and his wife were “committed to ensuring that every state and local election agency has sufficient resources to allow the American people to vote. “

However, the facts hit Zuckerberg in the face: in Pennsylvania and Michigan, there have been numerous incidents of election fraud and irregularities of a very serious nature. Philadelphia election officials blatantly defied a judge’s order to deny Republican monitors reasonable oversight of the vote count, and police refused to be present to provide assistance. In Detroit, the windows of the vote counting center were blocked by staff with large cardboard to prevent people outside from seeing what was going on inside ……

In this opaque, unfair, and even illegal operation, did Biden’s vote share in several swing states soar overnight, thanks in part to Zuckerberg’s generous donations?

Twitter and Facebook suppress free speech

On October 14 and 15, the New York Post uncovered exclusive evidence of Hunter Biden’s collusion with Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party, confirming that Joe Biden was involved in the corruption scandal and that his previous claim that he never discussed overseas dealings with his son was a lie.

Surprisingly, Twitter and Facebook were quick to block the Post’s story, banning users from retweeting the article or sharing links to the story, and at one point blocking the official accounts of the New York Post and Trump’s re-election campaign, as well as the private accounts of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Hollywood actor James Woods and others.

Twitter said that the authenticity of the New York Post message was unconfirmed and that the information could have been stolen by hackers. However, Biden and his sons have not denied any specifics of the report, including the computers, emails, people and events involved.

President Trump, Republican dignitaries, conservative media and Trump supporters have all condemned the move, with some leftist media calling it “unusual”. On the other hand, the Biden campaign said on October 16 that they had no objection to the censorship of Twitter and Facebook, and were even “pleased” with it.

On Nov. 2, some San Francisco Bay Area residents rallied in front of Twitter’s headquarters to protest the clampdown on Twitter, according to New Tang Dynasty Television. Philip Anderson, one of the event’s organizers, criticized Twitter for “wrongly silencing people, wrongly banning them.” According to him, the event was held on Nov. 1. According to him, Instagram and Facebook banned more than 3,000 accounts of conservative voters in one day on Nov. 1.

Ariel Lee, a San Francisco resident, was also tweet-blocked for sharing a scandal about Hunter Biden. She believes that big companies like Twitter and Facebook are interfering with the election, “This is an act of treason! It’s not good for America to tamper with the election and we need to stop it.”

On Nov. 4, conservative activist Kylie Jane Kremer started the Stop the Steal group on Facebook, which drew 365,000 people in 22 hours, resulting in Facebook shutting down the group and banning the hashtag “#StopTheSteal.”

In the early morning hours of Nov. 4, after several key states suddenly stopped counting votes, President Trump tweeted, “We’re strong, but they’re trying to steal the election.” About five minutes later, Twitter blocked users from replying, sharing and praising the president’s tweet on the grounds that it “contains controversial and inaccurate information.”

Early on Nov. 7, President Trump sent out four consecutive tweets questioning election fraud, all of which were blocked by Twitter. The tweet gave a warning that “some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and may be misleading about how to participate in the election or other civic processes.”

What criteria did Twitter’s censors use to determine “controversial” and “misleading”?

The biggest controversial event of the day is the fraudulent United States election, and the biggest misleading disinformation was the “election” of Joe Biden.

Currently, the Republican Party has received thousands of tips and numerous witness testimonies of premeditated election fraud on the Democratic side. The Trump campaign has filed and will file multiple lawsuits, several key states are still counting votes, President Trump has not conceded defeat, the election is not over.

On Nov. 9, the website Real Clear Politics tweeted that it had not conceded that Biden had taken Pennsylvania and that he had not yet received the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected.

The facts are there for all to see: Twitter does not block the leftist media and controversial content about Biden’s “victory” announcement, but it is determined to block the president and the public’s calls for a thorough fraud investigation. Twitter’s double standard is unacceptable.

In the information age, high-tech companies are constantly expanding their power and chasing more and more profits, but in any case, truth, morality and conscience are the real standards of judgment. The U.S. should not introduce cyber police with Chinese Communist characteristics.