U.S. stocks are diverging.

On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened higher only on the Dow, while the Nasdaq moved quickly lower as major technology stocks dragged.

The S&P 500 opened 7.39 points lower, down 0.21%, at 3543.11; the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened 110.68 points higher, up 0.38%, at 29,268.65; the Nasdaq Composite opened 87.86 points lower, down 0.75%, at 11,625.93.

In the opening 10 minutes of trading, the Nasdaq fell to more than 1%, Zoom fell more than 5%, Facebook fell more than 3%, Tesla, Amazon fell more than 2%, Microsoft fell 1.7%, but Apple rose 0.5%, the same period, the Dow rose 250 points.

In the opening hour of trading, the Nasdaq extended its decline to more than 2%, remote office stocks Zoom fell more than 10%, Facebook, Tesla fell more than 4%. Microsoft, Amazon fell more than 3%. E-commerce stocks fell collectively, with Jumia down more than 25%, Alibaba down more than 8%, Piduo down more than 7%, and Jingdong down more than 6%. Meanwhile, the Dow maintained a nearly 70-point gain, while the S&P 500 fell 0.7%.

Key stocks, the new crown vaccine to pass the news of Pfizer rose more than 3%, its German partner BioNTech rose 4.8%, artificial meat company Beyond Meat in the second day of earnings release fell more than 21%.

Microsoft has released two new Xbox console models, the Xbox X series for $499.99 and the Xbox S series for $299.99. The European Union is set to announce formal antitrust charges against Amazon, either for violating the use of seller data.

Peloton Interactive, a smart fitness platform that was up nearly 4 percent on Monday due to damage to the “home economy” outlook, then fell 1.8 percent after the company announced it had signed a multi-year fitness program content deal with famed singer Beyonce.

CureVac U.S. shares were up 8.8 percent pre-market before narrowing to 4 percent after the open. The company previously announced interim Phase I data for its new crown vaccine, CVnCoV, with the vaccine generally well tolerated at all doses tested (2-12µg), inducing strong binding and neutralizing antibody responses in addition to showing first T-cell activation.

The euro recovered earlier losses earlier in the day against the dollar and turned slightly higher, temporarily at 1.1818, after EU negotiators cleared the way for the release of the 1.8 trillion euro budget and stimulus measures. The Peruvian peso fell 1 percent against the dollar to a new low since 2002.

International oil prices rose for the second day in a row.WTI crude rose 2.0% on the day to $41.1/barrel. Brent crude futures maintained a 1.7% gain, hovering at $43.15/bbl.