Dropped out of middle school, made a grudge against Ding Lei, made $28 billion, and let his employees take a pay cut!

Affected by this year’s epidemic, many companies’ performance declined and revenue decreased, so there was a salary cut for employees.

But Guangzhou Duo Yi network, a company specializing in online games, is not only unaffected by the epidemic, but also has a large increase in profits.

Under normal circumstances, if the company’s profits have increased, the boss should give the employees a pay rise. However, the network is the opposite, let the employees take the initiative to apply for a 10% pay cut.

This divine operation was exposed by the employees, and the Doyle network became the focus of public opinion for a while.

As the netizens question whether the boss of the network is drunk or not, the network responds: 100% of the old employees and executives of the network apply to participate in voluntary salary reduction activities, and “the heart is generally really happy and satisfied”.

This once again refreshes netizens’ perception.

A former employee of the company believes that this is a test of obedience to test the loyalty of the employees to the company.

And the Doi Moi network thinks this former employee, out of context. The reduction is the monthly salary, but will increase the year-end bonus, actually increase the total annual salary.

Even though the company has responded, the company’s performance is good, and the way to give employees a raise is by lowering the monthly salary and then increasing the year-end bonus, which is really puzzling.

Directly increase the monthly salary, or the monthly salary stays the same and increase the year-end bonus, isn’t this way of increasing the salary fragrant?

This puzzling pay raise comes from Xu Bo, the boss of Duoyi Network, a junior high school dropout with a fortune of 20 billion yuan.

This is not the first time that Xu Bo has stood on the cusp of public opinion in a controversial way.

Xu Bo was once mired in rumors of “12 children and polygamy”, and also had a feud with Ding Lei of NetEase, and even reported the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research under his real name.

This legendary man always appears in the hotspot of public opinion in an unexpected way.

In the Internet industry, where there are so many experts, why did Xu Bo, who did not graduate from junior high school, make it to the top? And how did he feud with Dingle? How did you make your $20 billion fortune and what are your strange past events?

On December 20, 1977, Xu Bo was born in Wuhan. His mother was a union president at a state-owned enterprise, and his father was in the fishery business.

Xu Bo was born into a well-off family and grew up with a carefree life, which led him to video games at an early age.
Xu Bo is very smart and very keen to play games, but his test scores were high, and he was called a “child prodigy” by his classmates.
When he was in junior high school, his mother became mentally ill because of the birth of a baby, and his father’s fishery business failed again.
Xu Bo’s parents divorced due to this family turmoil.
Xu Bo stayed with his father, but his father did not value education, so he dropped out of school early to work with him at a construction site.
At the age of 18, Xu Bo did not have a bar mitzvah, but he received a message from his father: I have no obligation to raise you.
This made Xu Bo very sad, feeling abandoned by the closest person in the world, which also made Xu Bo lack trust in anyone.
There is no technical expertise, Xu Bo can only run to the Internet cafe as a network manager, or to the game hall to the boss to see the shop. For most people, this is just muddling through, with little hope for the future.
Xu Bo is no exception. Besides accumulating a lot of gaming experience, he has not made much progress. If it wasn’t for the coincidence of entering the game industry later, this experience would have been nothing more than a bad job.
In 2001, 24-year-old Bo Xu came to Guangzhou and worked as a network manager in an Internet cafe in Guangzhou.
That year, experiencing the Internet bubble of NetEase, the stock fell into the NASDAQ into the Shang. In search of growth beyond the portal, Ding Lei was ready to build a heavy gaming business.

Ding Lei
In December 2001, NetEase’s first game, “Big Little Lies Westward Journey,” went online, and NetEase recruited 22 game customer service agents.
Xu Bo was one of the customer service, and his fate was changed as a result.

There were high hopes for “Journey to the West”, but due to server and technical problems, the results did not meet expectations.

Soon, all of the core staff of the game were taken out to develop the game.

In May 2002, the “Journey to the West 2” for internal testing, Xu Bo as a customer service group, participate in the experience. Due to the customer service team has been dealing with users, coupled with his own years of experience in the game, Xu Bo has become the Netease most understanding of the user.

Journey to the West.

After the experience, Xu Bo very carefully wrote a 30-page feedback of problems and changes. When he happily handed it to Zhan Zhonghui, the producer of “Journey to the West 2”, his suggestion was rejected.

A disappointed Xu Bo didn’t give up, he approached Zhan Zhonghui and asked him to entrust him with the maintenance of the film.

Xu Bo, who was no doubt a man of few words, was once again refused.

Three months later, Journey to the West 2 was a big hit, and Journey to the West 1 almost stopped, becoming an abandoned child. Xu Bo once again volunteered.

This time, Xu Bo went from being a customer service agent to a game mastermind.

No one knows better than Xu Bo what is wrong with “Journey to the West 1”, he caught a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to prove himself and turn over a new leaf.

Based on the original, Xu Bo re-planned, word for word, the settings of the game’s factions, skills and equipment, and changed the style of the game to a Q-rated style.

Xu Bo reworked the game entirely from the user’s point of view and renamed it Journey to the West.

Ding Lei originally didn’t want to resurrect Journey to the West 1, but seeing that Journey to the West was already done and Journey to the West 2 had stopped growing, he agreed to the project.

An unplanned product was born.

On December 18, 2003, Journey to the West opened for public testing, NetEase opened 15 servers to handle the surging traffic.

This was a historic moment for NetEase and also for Xu Bo.

Fatty in the middle – Xu Bo.
Journey to the West was a huge hit, creating a miracle of selling equipment for $900,000, and Xu Bo also soared from a loser to a top game planner.

Journey to the West earned more than a billion dollars for NetEase, but Xu Bo did not get the return to match.

In October 2005, seeing that Journey to the West was stable, Xu Bo left the project team.

Xu Bo led the formation of a new project team, in the plan, he put forward a request for higher returns to the development team.

The plan was mentioned to Ding Lei, who gave a discount on the return and agreed to the plan.

At this time, Xu Bo, who was untamed and untamed, saw that Ding Lei gave a discount and felt that Ding Lei was greedy for a small advantage.

Xu Bo had the idea of leaving his job to make his own game, and Ding Lei talked to him. But no effect, he thought that the game he would make in the future would be better than “Journey to the West”.

When the negotiation failed, Ding Lei said to Xu Bo: If you can, don’t take anyone away.

Xu Bo didn’t give up, and shouted to Ding Lei: If you have the ability, keep them.

The beam between Xu Bo and Ding Lei, the richest man in the world, was formed, and it became a major stumbling block for Xu Bo’s future game business.

In May 2006, after receiving venture capital from Lei Jun, Xu Bo set up Guangzhou Duoyi Network and started his own game business.

Xu Bo

Xu Bo’s talent for games has been fully developed in Duoyi Network.

On September 24, 2007, Xu Bo’s first game, Dream World, was released, and it was once again a hit; it was online for one year and its revenue broke 100 million.

In 2010, Xu Bo’s second game Shen Wu was released to the public, which is a game developed by him again with the background of western travel.

Divine Martial Arts.

Both games were a huge success, and Xu Bo made a lot of money.

In June 2011, Xu Bo bought all the shares in Jinshan’s hands at a premium of 8 times, privatizing Do Yi Network and making it his sole holding company.

In March 2013, Xu Bo’s Doyi Network, became one of the top 10 online game operators in China.

Duo Yi network performance soared and became a cash cow for Xu Bo, with a yearly net profit of more than 1.5 billion yuan, and Xu Bo also achieved financial freedom from a loser.

In 2016, Xu Bo’s control of Duo Yi network, submitted a listing application to the Growth Enterprise Board. But a year earlier, NetEase filed a lawsuit with the court, accusing the game “Shenwu”, developed by Duo Yi Network, of infringing on the intellectual property rights of “Journey to the West”.

Due to the copyright issue, the game was removed from the market on the eve of its IPO, and the listing was not finalized.

After the blockage of the listing of Doyle Network, Xu Bo, who was already financially free, often made waves on the Internet in an inexplicable way.

In 2017, programmer Su Xiangmao was forced to die by poisonous woman Zhai Xinxin, causing a sensation across the Internet.

Microblogging user “cooking elbow” for Su Xiangmao to stand up for him, posting: if there are organizations and individuals who are sued for the true disclosure of Zhai Xinxin and lead to compensation, I am willing to give compensation of 50%-150% of the awarded amount, the upper limit single lawsuit 2 million, the cumulative total of 20 million.

This “boiled elbow” is unanimously believed to be Xu Bo, the owner of Duoyi.com.

That year, 40-year-old Xu Bo was ranked No. 4 on the Forbes China Rich List with a fortune of $28.5 billion.

In October 2018, a “28 billion netease former executive: have 12 children, the realistic version of polygamy” brushed the circle of friends, the article pointed out that Xu Bo is a straight man, contemptuous of women, and different women, had 12 children.

But soon, Xu Bo came out to dispel the rumor, claiming it was a rumor and smear against him, and stating that he is unmarried and respects women very much.

The matter came to an end.

In November 2019, NetEase triggered a public crisis of violent layoffs by laying off employees suffering from myocarditis.

Xu Bo came forward again without missing a beat and was willing to give that NetEase employee, a donation of 1 million yuan. And he promised that if an employee who has been employed at Duoyi Network for more than five years dies, the company will bear the normal living expenses and domestic tuition for his children until the age of 22.

Xu Bo wanted to use this as a way to hit the former owner in the face, but he quickly took to Weibo, saying that Ding Lei was looking for relations with the media to attack him in large numbers.

The matter was later dropped.

When the epidemic broke out in Wuhan in 2020, Xu Bo, as a Wuhan resident, was outraged and reported the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research in his real name.

But his post was quickly flagged as a rumor by Weibo and Zhongke Voice. In the end, this matter was also put to rest.

The farce of allowing employees to automatically apply for a pay cut due to the company’s good performance will eventually go unanswered.

The success and fame of Xu Bo, although the public awareness is not high, but he will always have an unusual brain circuit, from time to time on social networks to brush a sense of presence, whether he is active or passive.

Xu Bo’s legendary experience is an enviable game of life; now, he is also playing life on the Internet.