Perspective on the “Double 11 party” war, to see how Jingdong Live defines “live border”?

The first time I was in the room was when I was a kid. It’s not only a full range of e-commerce platforms to meet consumer demand for shopping, but also to offer a game of talk shows and live parties.

Just won the “talk show number one player” title, Jingdong, turned into the next battlefield of the double 11 – “Jingdong live super night”.

According to the experience of previous years, November 10 night between 20:00 – 24:00 Double 11 party, has become a battleground for brands and businesses. The competition for viewership on several major TV channels has forced several major e-commerce platforms to do everything in their power to grab the attention of users in prime time and improve the interaction between the platforms and fans.

In this Jingdong Live, Jiangsu TV, iQiyi three platforms broadcast at the same time on the live feast, Cai Xukun, Wang Yuan, Li Yuchun, Zheng Shuan, THE 9 and other nearly 40 star artists, in addition to performing on stage, will also participate in the second live room, turned into a shopping guide, with Jingdong users to “watch and buy”.

But for Jingdong Live, the stars and the show is not the fundamental decision of the success or failure of the Double 11 strategy. The battle is heavy on content marketing, but more on consumer experience. Behind this double carnival of commercial consumption and entertainment content, the second half of the e-commerce live streaming industry’s most intense battle for traffic and users.

E-commerce live broadcast breaking the boundaries: must continue to content, quality

“Although there are 618 and Double 11 every year, but what kind of iterative upgrades the platform does every time, what kind of breakthroughs and innovations to keep expanding the business boundaries is what we especially focus on to think about.” Zhang Guowei, head of content ecology at Jingdong Retail Group, said.

This year, Jingdong has made continuous upgrades in every business line of the content ecology, and live streaming is a key link in the content ecology. For Jingdong live streaming, this year’s iterative upgrade is not only reflected in the expansion of the president’s live streaming, star live streaming, store live streaming and other fronts, but also in the rich variety of live streaming play.

The most intuitive, in addition to the annual Double 11 consumer revelry, the major e-commerce platforms in conjunction with the TV to hold the Double 11 party, from the atmosphere of the Double 11 into a real “festival”, mega party in addition to creating a huge market momentum, but also brought a considerable amount of user traffic. Jingdong is the last entrant of the “party field” in the first-tier e-commerce platform, and this year’s “Jingdong Live Super Night” was held as Jingdong’s “Beijing Evening”, and Tmall’s on the same day. “Cat Night” objectively creates positive competition. But “this is not to follow the industry’s approach, Jingdong has its own thinking about the Double 11 party”, said Zhang Guowei.

In the beginning of the Jingdong live super night activity planning, Zhang Guowei established the original intention: refuse to be overly commercialized, both to present the audience with a purer party content, and not everywhere filled with brand advertising, even the lyrics are implanted in the advertising. Therefore, in addition to the title and outside the mouth broadcast, Jingdong set up a second live studio, the main marketing interaction are completed in the live studio, through mobile phones, PC, TV and other terminals and the audience “multi-screen interaction”, the user can not only interact with the performance of the stars in real time, but also a variety of welfare lottery, really do while watching and playing while buying.

From the live broadcast lineup, Jingdong Live Super Night not only gathered top stars such as Cai Xukun, Wang Yuan and Zheng Shuang, but also Wang Feng, Yang Kun and Li Yuchun, national actor Li Qin, and Zhang Jike, an athletic player who crossed the border in the entertainment industry, and other different types of star artists, covering different circles of user groups. Zhang Guowei said, “This Jingdong Live Super Night not only integrates major categories of e-commerce, but also connects Jingdong Spike, PLUS membership and other platform-level marketing products, but these e-commerce elements do not destroy the main performance content, we strive to explore the best combination of entertainment and e-commerce deep integration, we believe that content and consumption is bound to have a positive interaction! “.

In addition to such a big event as Super Night, in the double 11 star live broadcast battlefield, unlike other platforms of regular star live, this year’s double 11 Jingdong for key stars to join more planning and resources in tandem, more to star + president, star + experts, etc., the pan-entertainment content and e-commerce consumption for organic combination. “Star live overturned so much, often people and goods do not match, and is not well prepared”, but Zhang Guowei stressed that do not easily deny the value of star live because of the overturned, fundamentally, the fan effect behind the star, and business brand, the platform for the user’s attention, there is a lot of room for integration, the integration of pan-entertainment and e-commerce is still It will be an important direction that Jingdong Live will explore next year.

In addition to the star live broadcast, over 500 presidential live broadcast carries more quality content of Jingdong Double 11, and the president of the live broadcast is just a microcosm of Jingdong’s strong supply chain integration capabilities.

Jingdong Group Vice President
Han Rui, Head of Platform Business Center, Jingdong Retail Group
As the first person to eat crabs in the industry, Jingdong’s president live has long been not confined to the form of “president town, anchor explanation”, but further in the game. For example, the president can not only with professional with goods anchor, but also with platform executives, industry experts, stars and other different identities of the anchor, more president cross-border live broadcast, different categories of brand sharing users. This kind of president live broadcast based on the president’s characteristics and user needs for in-depth planning has become a major feature of the Jingdong live broadcast.

“This kind of president live broadcast can better convey the temperature of the brand and is more conducive to bringing businesses and consumers closer together,” Zhang Guowei said to Yibang.

Value return: from platform promotion field to brand marketing field

Shopping while buying, looking while buying is the current consumer trend, well versed in the way of selling goods of the e-commerce, is constantly promoting the “people, goods, field” core three elements of change.

The logic of the goods to find people is that the purpose of consumption is limited, often need a certain consumption plan and demand to promote; in fact, even without a clear consumption plan, the appropriate scenario can still contribute to a large number of random consumption, which not only depends on the algorithm recommendation mechanism, but also depends on the content to guide.

As the core business of content marketing, live streaming has the characteristics of “what you see is what you get” and “perfect closed loop from seeding to purchase”, which can better meet consumer demand and inspire purchase desire. While continuing its quality concept, Jingdong Live is also taking advantage of pan-entertainment content, integrating content with e-commerce, entertainment and consumption to create a new incremental field based on content. Users can realize seeding and harvesting in the immersive content experience, and brands and merchants can also better deposit users into stores and accumulate user bases for store operations.

In Zhang Guowei’s view, Jingdong Live is not only reconstructing the production relationship of various links in the e-commerce live ecology, but also promoting a quality, marketing e-commerce live transformation revolution. A key turning point is that e-commerce live streaming is breaking down the barriers between content and commerce, completing the transformation from “promotion field” to “marketing field” and building a new form of e-commerce marketing.

For any e-commerce platform, content e-commerce will be the core business, and Jingdong is no exception. Direct broadcasting has been upgraded to a group-level strategic business within Jingdong, and Jingdong expects to promote direct broadcasting as a standard part of daily operations, allowing merchants to precipitate more private domain users through direct broadcasting, continuously improving merchants’ self-operation capabilities, supporting direct broadcasting as an important marketing channel, and realizing the true “quality and efficiency of sales in one”.

A status quo is that, in most cases, the industry of e-commerce live is more like a promotional field – limited time, limited, low prices, businesses and celebrities “heavy sales of conversion, light users and brand”, serious bill-swiping, high return rate, false propaganda, after-sales and other industry guarantees. The chaos is a constant drain on consumer attention and trust. This is the deep reason why Jingdong reconstructs live productivity and promotes the transformation of e-commerce live to quality and marketing.

Zhang Guowei said: “promotional field is too utilitarian, is unsustainable, and is very wear and tear brand value, the long term must be cooling, how can brands do promotion every day? In fact, live streaming can do low price clearance promotions, but also can do new product releases, product pre-sales and even C2M (reverse customization), based on user demand to provide personalized services, live streaming for businesses and platforms is multifaceted, with goods is just a natural result”.

“Content e-commerce and e-commerce content is the market trend, the traditional shelf-style e-commerce model needs to be constantly upgraded to meet new consumer demand, and e-commerce live broadcast will eventually return to the marketing field after the wild growth, which is the core value of e-commerce live broadcast”, said Zhang Guowei.

Redefining live ecological standards: whether the waist-tailed reacher is healthy growth

In addition, another problem brought about by the brutal growth of electric live broadcast is the difficulty of survival of most of the head of the Darren anchors. “Head Darren is too strong is certainly not a healthy ecology, the rule of twenty-eight, Matthew effect, although prevalent in all areas, but does not mean that it is reasonable, the key is the head, waist and tail anchor structure is healthy, the survival of the waist and tail Darren is the measure of ecological health”, Zhang Guowei said.

As a result, the ecological layout of Jingdong Live’s institutional reachers is more inclined to the sub-segment of the draped anchors. “We are not opposed to mixed broadcast of comprehensive reach live, but sub-category, sub-industry to establish a set of relatively vertical system for reach ecological health is more important for Jingdong, professional people to speak professional segmentation of the field of products, more easily recognized”.

“Pendant anchors may not be able to compare with the comprehensive large anchors, but this is what Jingdong needs, each platform has its own play based on merchants and da-ren. Superdarren is essentially a traffic entrance and channel, and we won’t cultivate a superdarren ecology with the idea of cultivating a superdarren.” Zhang Guowei told Yibang, Jingdong live in the future will still adhere to the sub-category, sub-industry, echelon of live ecological system training, but if there is a cross-category, comprehensive potential anchors in this system, Jingdong will also vigorously support, but the rules of the ecosystem to be more open, fair and equitable, to give all the efforts of the anchors to the opportunity.

As the double 11 carnival into the climax of the period, the battle for the right to speak in the field of e-commerce in the live broadcast into the white-hot stage, live broadcast is also likely in the thousands of war back to the basics, back to the essence of its commercial marketing.