Fan Yiping, a second-generation pro-democracy activist, was arrested and accused of “subversion” in Scabbard Huadu Detention Center

U.S. Light Media reports that the Chinese Communist regime conducted a massive search for pro-democracy activists in Guangzhou in November 2020, and at least five people are missing, including Fan Yiping, Fan Wencheng, Lai Jianjun, Qiao Lianhong, and Wei Yanni. Fan Yiping, a second-generation official, was arrested by the Guangzhou State Security Bureau on charges of “subversion of state power,” and is still in Guangzhou’s Huadu Detention Center.

Fan’s Family received a notice of his arrest from the Guangzhou State Security Bureau on Wednesday (Jan. 27), saying that he was arrested on Jan. 7.

The report quoted a source as saying that at noon on Nov. 12 last year, eight Guangzhou police officers raided Fan Yiping’s apartment and took him away. On the following day, Fan was admitted to hospital and later sent to a designated residence for surveillance. Later, Fan Wencheng, Lai Meijun, Qiao Lianhong and other pro-democracy activists disappeared one after another. Lai’s wife later received a notice from the authorities stating that her husband had been charged with “subversion of state power” and was to be placed under “residential surveillance” at a designated residence.

Fan Yiping graduated from a military medical university and worked as a surgeon before entering business as the owner of a Food trading company. Born into a family of Communist Party cadres and with a father who served as secretary-general of the Guangdong government, Fan did not pursue power and fame like other second-generation officials, but instead has been involved in the democracy movement in China and has been under constant surveillance for years, with his personal freedom restricted at sensitive times. On the eve of June 4, 2014, Guangzhou authorities placed Fan Yiping in administrative detention for 15 days and searched his apartment on charges of provocation and nuisance.