Over 560,000 5G subscribers are back on 4G, so let’s talk about its 3 shortcomings today without bragging about 5G

The 5G that carriers have been promoting has already left many users feeling resentful, something that is very rare since the upgrade in communications technology.

Recently, more than 560,000 5G subscribers in South Korea returned to 4G networks, and I’m sure many of us in the country are starting to feel the same way.

The reason for this is that the technology has not yet matured and is eager to get back to its roots, leaving us users to be the guinea pigs, who are not willing to do so.

Today we’re going to talk about the 3 major flaws in 5G technology at the moment, and only when all of them are addressed will we be able to truly enter the era of 5G communications.

Inferior quality

The 5G network has supposedly been under construction for as little as two years, and now the major carriers are advertising it as a mature standard.

If it’s a mature technology, why would it still have unstable signals and insufficient coverage?

This is what the professor felt in Shenzhen, a city with a strong sense of technology, where 5G signals are sporadic even in the streets of the city center, not to mention other cities.

The results of the speed test are also very unstable, fast and slow, which is far from the speed advertised by the operators.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with testing in the carrier’s stores, and that’s because they are well prepared for it. Once you leave the store and return to the city’s congestion, 5G is even less stable than 4G.

Charges stay high

The quality of the network hasn’t improved, but the charges have been dropping. Why? Still the operators have to pay back the money. Building base stations to invest in high costs, fleece out of the sheep, but also have to collect from the user.

The 5G high-speed packages of 99 to 199 easily, making how many 5G mobile phone users are still using 4G packages?

It’s not a big deal if it’s expensive. But there are many uninformed users “by 5G”, by the operator training customer service to guide some 4G mobile phone users opened up to more than 100 yuan 5G package.

The reason for this is that it’s very important to make sure that you’re aware of the fact that you’ll be able to get a good deal on the product.

Faster consumption of electricity

We all know that 5G networks are also a big test of a phone’s battery life, so Apple’s small battery makes it even harder.

Apple’s smart network mode, which automatically switches to 4G networks in times of low network demand, as mentioned at the launch, has proven to be very chickenshit.

In fact switching networks frequently will drain the phone’s power even more, as the phone will need to search for signals again, which has a power consumption process as well.

The unstable 5G network also causes the phone to constantly switch signals, which leads to faster battery consumption.

All of these issues make 5G today less of a technology that can change the times and more of an invisible machine that swallows money and power.

Thinking back to when 5G was first built, are you disappointed with the current 5G? Tell us what you think.