Amazing! Congratulations to China’s “Industrial Mother Machine” on two major breakthroughs in high-end machine tool technology.

Machine tool is known as “industrial mother”, “mother of industry”, its importance as its name, no machine tool would not have industry, no exaggeration. As we all know, China’s industrial industry is facing three major bottlenecks short board: high-end machine tools, engines, chips. These are the three most typical and pressing choke industries. Each of them is not simply three industries, these three industries involve many industries and many disciplines, and each of them is a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary technology industrial ecology. And they involve almost all of the key fundamental disciplines. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering, and so on, if broken down, each of the three industries involves dozens of sub-disciplines. There are countless upstream and downstream industrial sectors involved. What is really needed to overcome these three industrial ecosystems is time and accumulation. Today, small Zhe to report good news to you, in the field of high-end machine tool technology, China’s scientists through unremitting efforts and overcome two cutting-edge technology, made significant progress, the two cutting-edge technology they are: “high-precision absolute photoelectric encoder core chip and its related technology” and “intelligent” absolute optical encoder core chip and its related technology. Micro Casting Forging and Milling Metal 3D Printing Technology”.

Let us first say “high-precision absolute photoelectric encoder core chip and its related technology”, it is a combination of optical, electronic, precision mechanical technology, is a CNC machine tool, all kinds of machinery and equipment, robots, drones and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and products essential high-end sensor technology. Influence of CNC machine tools is the core of the technical issues of precision, and the core of the equipment is to influence the accuracy of high-precision encoder technology, to solve this problem, China’s high-end machine tool technology and the world’s top international level gap is further reduced.

Next let us say “intelligent micro-casting forging and milling metal 3D printing technology”, this thing is remarkable, this is the international simply do not have things, before this, the international 3D printing technology is not forging, let alone large forgings. Professor Zhang Haiou from China’s team created the “intelligent micro-casting forging and milling metal 3D printing technology” to achieve the following innovations, 1, the realization of the casting, forging, milling three major technologies into one. 2, an overall improvement in the strength of the castings, toughness, fatigue resistance, high reliability and longevity, the print out of the castings in all the The mechanical performance is better than the international standard.3、Ends the history of 3D printing difficult to produce forgings, and creates the history of 3D printing complex large castings and forgings.4、Adopt the intelligent micro-casting, forging and milling composite material manufacturing technology, can turn the original 10% yield rate into 100%.5、Compared with the traditional foreign castings and forging welding and milling separation process can shorten the manufacturing process by more than 60%, energy saving of more than 90%, and cost reduction. It can be said to be a disruptive and innovative technology for high-end manufacturing, with a reduction of more than 60% and a big step up in efficiency and environmental protection.

This technology, pioneered by Chinese Professor Zhang Haiou’s team, has cracked the world-class technical problems of 3D printing and changed the Western-led manufacturing model, with Airbus and General Motors coming to the door to negotiate cooperation, and the areas they seek cooperation in are undoubtedly mainly aerospace and even aircraft parts. Such an important curveball of innovative technology has also received national attention, was included in the export control technology catalog.

“High-precision absolute photoelectric encoder core chip and its related technology” is a breakthrough in traditional high-end machine tool technology, and “intelligent micro-casting forging milling metal 3D printing technology” is a high-end machine tool technology curve overtaking the results, our country’s great craftsmen are through their own efforts, from different directions, through continuous accumulation, and eventually thick and thin, high-end machine tools, aircraft hair machine, chip, the three most brightest pearl on the crown of modern industry will one day be taken off because of their unremitting struggle, China too need these great craftsmen, they are the pillars of the country, to you!