The anti-Trump forces have been exposed. The truth is coming out.

Ballot fraud in the swing states of the U.S. election is getting hotter and hotter, and before the results are clear, Biden suddenly declared himself president-elect despite the controversy. As a presidential candidate, there is no legal basis for rushing to declare victory when the ballot controversy has not yet been resolved. The final outcome will likely be decided in court until the Supreme Court rules.

The leftist media also ignored the legal controversy, much less the subsequent legal ruling, and immediately seconded Biden’s election, with Biden even receiving some congratulations. It stands to reason that many politicians are lawyers by trade and certainly know the authority of legal rulings, and an individual’s unilateral declaration of victory has no legal effect. The major media outlets also have strong legal teams and naturally know this, but still echoed Biden’s election.

Neither Biden himself nor the media, at this point, has the authority to decide who is elected; in the end, a judge will decide.The scene from 20 years ago is repeated.

In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, there was a ballot dispute between Republican candidate Bush and Democratic candidate Gore in Florida, and the major media outlets had also attached themselves to Gore’s victory at the time. The outcome was a series of twists and turns, from the Florida District Court, to the Florida Supreme Court, to the Federal Supreme Court; the Federal Supreme Court returned the case to the Florida Supreme Court, and finally overruled the Florida Supreme Court. Until December 12, 2000, when Bush finally won and Gore lost.

The current vote fraud case is obviously more complicated, the Justice Department is involved in the investigation, the states involved are already in the legal process, and the final outcome will probably have to go through the federal Supreme Court.

Biden and the major media are well aware of these legal proceedings. A few days ago, Biden also said to be patient, now suddenly become so urgent, some media also followed the drumbeat, all for the sake of pressure on Trump, and try to build public opinion, may also try to cover up the fact of vote fraud, behind the scenes more likely to encourage street protests, or even violence, simply no longer care about the third peak of the epidemic. The number of infections in the United States has exceeded 100,000 for three days in a row, and Biden and the media, who had previously strongly criticized Trump’s epidemic-prevention policies, are no longer concerned about the worsening epidemic.

Biden’s and the media’s antics, like the previous fake polls, are trying to lead the way, but the end result may be another miscalculation, and the media, after the fake polls, has completely lost what little credibility it had. This time, how will Biden himself and the media involved fend for themselves if the courts end up ruling the other way? What about the people who blindly congratulate themselves in advance?

All of these figures have one thing in common, and that is their unanimous opposition to Trump, and now one by one, they have completely torn off their disguises and are focused on exposing themselves to the American public and the world. Such a desperate and irrational move seems puzzling, but understandable. As the saying goes, if God wants to bring about his downfall, he must first make him mad, and isn’t that exactly what the Chinese Communist regime in 2020 will do? God has yet to show the world more incredible truths.

It is no coincidence that the scandal between Biden and the Chinese Communist Party, which came to light before the election, is beginning to make itself known, and people understand why Biden has repeatedly avoided China policy. Now that the scandal will continue to come to light, some may feel that the grab for the seat of power may be the only way to continue to cover up the scandal and possibly cover up the election fraud.

The media, who previously avoided the Biden scandal, can no longer hold back and are now making a final gamble regardless of the consequences, but the truth behind the election fraud is being uncovered, and the truth behind these people will be exposed one by one. These people are ignoring the 4 years of performance achieved by Trump, just to be anti-Trump for the sake of anti-Trump, not for the sake of America and American voters, but for personal power and profit, but also to cover up the truth. Biden has strayed from the good intentions of running for president, and the media has strayed from the objective factual basis of the public.

Carlo Maria Viganò, former Vatican ambassador to the United States and titular archbishop of Ulpana, has already made it clear that the final battle between the “sons of light” and the “sons of darkness” is nearing its end, a battle between good and evil.

We are now seeing the “sons of darkness” eagerly tearing off their disguises, revealing themselves one by one, and going mad, but in their brief act of madness, they are being completely exposed and are destined to be abandoned.

At this point, the Chinese Communist Party media suddenly changed its tune and directly quoted the American media. The Chinese Communist Party is on a mission to dismantle the Chinese Communist Party, but God will not let the Chinese Communist Party have another chance to perform, and those who are trying to stop him are being exposed one by one.