After the Chronicle, another US media outlet disavows Biden’s election.

There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud in several key states controlled by the Democratic Party in the current US presidential election. Conservative media outlet Newsmax TV assured its viewers on Saturday (7) that it would not recognize the victory of Democratic presidential candidate Biden in the event that President Trump launches legal challenges in several states. This follows the Chronicle, another major U.S. media outlet that expressed a similar position.

On Saturday morning, nearly every major U.S. news channel and news organization, including Fox News, predicted a Biden presidency, while News Extreme TV released a brief statement on its website expressing a different stance.

“At this time, News Extreme TV will not declare Joe Biden the winner,” the statement said. “The election remains difficult to win. President Trump continues to challenge the (election) results in several states.”

The statement continued, “All votes should be counted. In this case, the media should not decide who is the winner.” The TV station’s official Twitter handle also tweeted this stance, adding that it was “awaiting updates from contested states across the country.”

Twitter users praised this, saying, “This is the media with a bone.”

The English language chronicle also issued a statement on Friday (6) saying that it would not declare who won the election until all results were proven and any legal challenges were resolved.