(Jack Ma)Ma Yun’s final moments

On November 5 last year, Wuhan media, the Dahe Newspaper, reported that eight people from Wuhan Central Hospital had been detained and reprimanded for spreading rumors about the new crown, and the Wuhan police’s official Weibo account of the reprimanding of the eight doctors received more than 600,000 likes. Afterwards, an epidemic of Xin Guan Pneumonia, which originated in Wuhan, swept across the country and the world, killing 1.23 million people and infecting 48 million others. Looking back at history, who is spreading rumors and who is deceiving?

This week, the U.S. presidential election and Alibaba’s Ant Financial Century IPO was called off, the focus of attention of domestic social media platforms.

About the U.S. presidential election, despite the official strict control of public opinion, but only microblogging related to the point read more than 6.4 billion times. A netizen said, “concern about the election based on three people, one, the desire for freedom; two, the respect for the vote; three, the world pattern of concern. Zhang Xuezhong, a former associate professor of law at East China University of Political Science and Law, posted: “Some friends think that if someone like Chuan Pu is re-elected, the constitutional democracy of the United States will be destroyed. My thoughts on this are: since Kawakubo has been president for four years and the American constitutional system has not been destroyed, it should be unlikely that it will be destroyed if he is allowed to serve another four years. Some of my friends think that if the Democrats win this time, the “spirit of America” will be destroyed. My thoughts on this are: since the American spirit hasn’t been destroyed even though the Democrats have won so many times in the past, it shouldn’t be destroyed this time either. More importantly, the candidates of both parties have always been supported by nearly half of the voters of each party, and if half of those Americans are determined to destroy America, who can stop them? Although there was a more intense rivalry between the two American parties in this election, it is still just an election that happens once every four years in the United States. The outcome of the election could not have been worse, and Americans will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes in four years. It is the political mentality of different parties and their respective supporters, treating each other as enemies and not just competitors, or believing that the other party must be the one to destroy the country, that is a major and frightening threat to a democratic system that is supposed to be competitive, because it means denying the other party the right to compete in politics. “

This week, the focus of attention in the domestic public opinion arena is undoubtedly the fact that Ant Financial Services’ controller Jack Ma was interviewed by China’s financial regulator and Ant Financial Services’ listing was halted. A web article titled “Jack Ma’s Darkest Hour” reads.

“On the eve of listing, the ant dream break on the Bund. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange have issued announcements to suspend the listing of ants. At this time, from Jack Ma Bund financial summit shelling regulators only 10 days past.10 days between the clouds in the clouds quickly turned into a hot pot of ants.10 days ago on October 24, financial leaders gathered in Shanghai, the highest specification in the history of the Bund financial summit kicked off. At this summit, Jack Horse suddenly blew up, he said: banks are pawn shop thinking! The Basel Accord is a senior citizen’s club! Regulation only produces documents not policies, stifling innovation! There is no systemic financial risk in China, because there is no system!

Is that pony who dared to fire back? There were cheers outside the arena, but no one applauded inside. Some praised him as a tragic hero, others scolded him for his grandiloquence. The court of public opinion was in jubilation. This Internet magnate already comes with top traffic. But more people are still drunk with the excitement of the largest IPO in history and the dream of a large flat per capita in the West Lake. No one noticed that a “siege” around the ant has been on the city. At that time, Ali media are at full power for the “financial innovation theory” to build momentum, and dissidents were quietly cleared. It seemed that Jack Ma was once again the winner. But this time it seems a little different. The real world is not a Dharma house, and Jack Ma is not a windy place. A week later, the wind changed abruptly.

Zhou Xiaochuan, Shang Fulin and other former key figures in the economic field began to publicly criticize Ma’s crooked theories, while Huang Qifan directly lifted the lid on the ant arbitrage model. Guangming Daily, Financial Times and other media also began to intensively voice, lopsided public criticism. And the Xinhua News Agency directly on the picture, reminding Ma Yun: you’re a little floating!

All of this, of course, is on target. Sure enough, the State did it, and on October 31, the State Council’s Finance Committee hammered away at the idea of strengthening regulation and maintaining stability, no exceptions! The first time I was in a position to do so was when I was in the midst of a meeting with a group of people who had been working on a project for a long time. Successive announcements to suspend the listing of ants! Even if you have a $2.1 trillion market cap, even if you have billion-plus users, even if you’re the world’s largest IPO outside of New York. holding traffic to order regulation? Sorry, even if you’re too big to fail, that doesn’t mean you have the ability to challenge state regulation.

You say Chinese finance doesn’t have a system, right, well, I’ll tell you what a system is! Whenever you get it, apply for a listing again. And all of this is to knock the tiger and tell Jack Ma and the other financial bigwigs behind him: in China, capital never wants to meddle in politics, much less do what it wants like South Korea’s Samsung kidnapping Cheong Wa Dae.

Tencent Financial, Jingdong Financial, Baidu Financial, as well as Meituan, 360, Sina, Toutiao, Internet companies are wearing the coat of technological innovation, hordes of traditional financial sector to kill. The bloodthirsty nature of the “lending” business is like a huge black hole, sucking and overdrawing the future of young people. What’s worse, once the payment, survival, lending to form a closed loop, it will form a to physical shadow banking, directly control the country’s economic lifeblood.

How can a thousand miles of dykes be destroyed by ants? Regulation at this time does not take action, the entire national economy may be routed in the basic plate. At this point called to stop the ant gold service, in fact, is a warning to all Internet companies, including Tencent Financial, Jingdong Financial: do not play too much, or it is to set itself on fire! Whether it’s Ma embracing his troops for self-respect, or whether it’s intentional, as speculated. This time, are the biggest Waterloo since he started his business. Along with ants Ali, wounded muscle and bone. The old road West Lake thin horse, now everyone shouts at him. Panicked ants held a high-level meeting overnight to reassure the military and cope with the difficulties. And said to “embrace regulation”. Last night, I’m sure Jack Ma completely sleepless, I’m sure the whole ant and Ali system also nightmares. In this feast of capital, they had been sharpening their knives, waiting to harvest. Now suspended listing, and then start indefinitely. Trading hall that haunting sound of the gong, in the Bund outside the low-key hall came to an abrupt end. Worst of all, the ants were being picked apart for the first time for eating.

I don’t know when to start, “let the world no difficult business”, quietly become “let the world no difficult money”. The name of the financial support for small and micro enterprises, but it is a false road to crush the people of the bottom of the Guo. With the bank’s money but also hit the bank’s face, 3 billion leverage 100 times into a beast that swallows gold. The use of regulatory gray area arbitrage. The so-called financial innovation is being reduced to essentially a small loan company and lending platform. I’m not sure how many of these “joyful” young people have been ruined. I don’t know how many of them have become ants’ slaves, owing money to Ma’s father. The once fierce Jack Ma has gradually drifted away. At the same time, the capital behind the territory has also been stripped to the bottom. Zhao Wei, Huang Youlong and other countless stakeholders wearing a false mask, to become an ant’s shares held or indirect holders.

These years Jack Ma and his Ali empire behind, why can call the wind and rain upside down. It turns out that the ant is the biggest financial pimp. He thought that by binding them, he was also binding the era. But he may have forgotten that no one can be immune in this big change of a century. There is no such thing as a Ma-wan of the times, only a Ma-wan of the times.

Of course, we cannot deny the contribution that Jack Ma has made to change the world. He changed people’s lifestyles, made it easy for millions of people to have the right to take out loans, and provided job opportunities for millions of people in the lower class. But with the destruction of the real economy and the Great Depression in basic technology, someone has to step up and take responsibility. The poorest of the poor is that 0.12 winning lottery rate of the lucky, would have been dreaming of waking up and waking up to find that the script was changed and the new funds will be returned the way they came. What big flat, what fifty-five thousand, instantly gods and clouds. Let me thank you, gift me empty joy, remember to forget. This world is always so, fish so trust the water, the results of the water is cooked fish.

Microblogging friends “Ren Ping Sheng diary” posted that: ants why on the eve of listing encounter these? First, the growth of ant listing will make the traditional financial chain of interest cake damage; second, some interest chain did not enjoy the dividends of the ant listing; third, the old horse Bund speech poked some people’s pain points.

In fact, the growth of ants, some from the bank loan hopeless small and medium-sized enterprises is a good source of supplementary funds, can also drive part of the consumption. As for some people say that young people over-consume, in fact, is not established, young people spend more in advance, there are real estate emptying six wallets powerful? If you have the guts, why don’t you sell the land cheaper? Why don’t you lower the spreads instead of earning them? In the final analysis, it is not who has a thick arm who is reasonable. Ant such a large volume, such a high valuation listed, as an investor, I do not think, because the growth space is not big, a small wave of speculation may set a lot of people, just like the return of 360 A shares. But ants and traditional finance compared, I still stand ants, because the traditional financial rely on monopoly status, bureaucratic position, these years is really little progress, and a few years ago reputation is really bad, the counter to the people’s strong, crude oil treasure and other financial, insurance products pit people commonplace, too little support for SME loans ……

The ant can be developed from scratch and traditional finance has various aspects of the shortcomings related to this matter is, in the final analysis, the distribution of the cake, before the reform and opening-up, the cake is all state-owned enterprises, the economy is good?

Netizen Su Xiaozhai posted: “I haven’t studied the matter of Mr. Ma Yun being interviewed in depth, but I feel that this scene is as backward and stupid as the cutting of capitalism’s tail back then; at the same time, almost the whole nation cheers the beating of any tycoon, which is worse than the backwardness and stupidity of regulation.”

Netizen Li Wei Ao posted: “I have always disliked Ma Yun, but I believe from the bottom of my heart: the era with Ma Yun must be more progressive than the era without him; the era that allows Ma Yun to openly criticize government departments must be more progressive than the era that does not allow Ma Yun to openly criticize them.”