Kunming knife-wielding man held hostage was blasted to death after the last shout to listen to a good heartache

The incident in which a 56-year-old man surnamed Wang broke into Yunnan Normal University Experimental Middle School with a knife and stabbed seven people in Kunming, Yunnan, has aroused public concern. The details of the confrontation between Wang and the police for nearly 2 hours were revealed: Wang once asked to see a female reporter, and when he was shot dead by the police, he let out a final cry in front of the crowd, “Chinese lives are like mole crickets”.

The webcast video shows that on January 22, 2021, a man took one hostage in front of the Experimental Middle School affiliated with Yunnan Normal University on Dongfeng West Road in the Wushan Street area of Kunming, after shouting, “I am not a good person, why? My Family, seven sisters, my mother alone to raise, I lived as a child in Wenlin Street, Wenlin canteen, I grew up seeing my mother being criticized, you know I used to take drugs, drug use know? But I have quit for more than ten years, but this society does not accept me, it is this society does not give me the opportunity, so I am not revenge society…. I know that my Life, in a minute, there is a gun above me, and the opposite, sniper rifle at me, but I do not care, why? Because Chinese people’s lives are molehills, and the officials they are big on corruption, corruption …….”

The mole cricket is still stealing life, why people do not value life? The knife-wielding Wang Nan spoke of his humble past, and just as he said, “Society won’t give me a way out…” a shot rang out and Wang Nan fell in a pool of blood.

Yesterday a posting, I was scolded by some people on Twitter.

Some of the words are not true, you do not know to look for resources to see for yourselves? All turned out of the wall, still can not be independent point?

I didn’t believe it before when I said that the 90s and 00s are now the most party-loving generation.

Please calm yourselves, I just said the truth, this person’s remarks, you are Kunming authorities you will let him continue to say?

For the past two days, the microblogs inside the wall have been circulating the hostage taking incident in front of Kunming University, and the CCP has been promoting how great and selfless the public security officer was who knelt down and begged for mercy from the thugs.

Look at this film, is Chinese public security really great and selfless?

The incident has shocked the society. The Punch News sent a message late at night on the 22nd, saying that on January 22, 2021, at around 5 pm, the above-mentioned man surnamed Wang injured 7 people with a knife in front of the Experimental High School affiliated with Yunnan Normal University on Dongfeng West Road, under the jurisdiction of Huashan Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City, and later took a hostage. Kunming Public Security Bureau Wuhua Branch received the news, immediately rushed to the scene, and at 6:40 p.m. shot and killed Wang man. It was found that Wang Mouman was a Kunming native, 56 years old, and the incident resulted in one death and seven injuries.

The Chinese community is divided over the incident in question. Some netizens believe that “a crime is a crime and one should not try to understand what he actually went through, because no one should extend the hand of crime to a stranger just because they are bitter.” But others pointed out that Wang Nan’s “purpose is to tell everyone his motive for committing the crime and tell the outside world what kind of society he lives in.” As for the officials, they are fully promoting the police’s strict law enforcement.

As the video was widely disseminated, overseas Chinese watched it with a message of emotion, “In a healthy society, when something like this happens, both the person involved and society should reflect on it, but in Chinese society, once this kind of thing rises to the government and state level, the reflection immediately comes to an abrupt end. The way to reduce retaliation against society is not by strict law enforcement, but by fundamentally addressing the motives of those who cause it, so understanding their motives is of course the most important, a simple truth that many within the walls do not understand” and “He’s not a good person, but he’s right”.

It is worth mentioning that the WeChat public number “Economics Blackboard” mentioned in the article that the young boy abducted by Wang Nan revealed afterwards that when he was abducted, “the robbers made him cry and let him scream”, “the robbers also asked him what to drink, he said he to drink Coke, the mugger told him to hold a mirror to the police”. “He took advantage of drinking Coke to put down the mirror and create opportunities for the police”.

In response, a mainlander wrote helplessly, “I am also a parent, I am also a middle-aged man, this is a human tragedy.” “He (Wangnan) said so much about his personal experience of being persecuted by the government, do you think the Communist Party will let him continue to live?”