Trump is afraid he won’t admit defeat! The Shogun, however, wants the First Daughter’s help to dissuade him.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s chances of seeking re-election, although the state electoral votes have been released and getting lower and lower, but Trump apparently do not want to concede defeat, not only asked the Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes, but also waged legal battles against a number of key states. According to the foreign media pointed out that the staff of Trump has been discussing to find who to tell the fact that Trump lost the election, and the most likely candidate is the first thousand Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump).

Trump flip chances are low, aides hope to admit defeat 4 years later

Comprehensive foreign media reports, Trump is currently with the campaign and legal team, for the key swing state ballot and vote counting issues ready to file a series of lawsuits, trying to accuse Biden by cheating to win the election, but the results of the ballot is now close to the end, the results seem to be more and more obvious; some Republican Party officials worry that Trump does not want to concede defeat, so are considering in what way, or find someone’s euphemism to dissuade Trump, in exchange for four years after the comeback opportunity, and to save Trump and his family’s political and business career.

The first thousand dollars of aides hope to persuade him to quit.
It is understood that some news pointed out that the Trump camp may consider letting his eldest daughter Ivanka take the stage, to tell Trump the fact that he lost the election in person. The New York Times also analyzed that Trump may concede defeat when the big picture is certain, but the report believes that it is absolutely impossible for Trump to publicly acknowledge and accept his defeat.

It is unclear whether Ivanka and her husband, Jared Corey Kushner, are interested in intervening, but aides are discussing how to convince Trump. According to “CNN” White House correspondent Collins (Kaitlan Collins), in recent days Trump showed no signs of giving in to Biden in this election.