IBM China Research Institute is rumored to have closed down, causing a stir in the technology circle

IBM China Research Institute, which has been rooted in Beijing‘s Zhongguancun for 25 years, is rumored to have closed. IBM responded that it is adjusting its R&D layout in China. The technology circle is hotly debated, in the U.S. and China technology decoupling situation, including Amazon, Oracle, even 110-year-old blue giant IBM and other foreign companies, are forced to strategic adjustments.

IBM is changing its R&D layout in mainland China to support Chinese customers’ transition to artificial intelligence and hybrid cloud, and to seize the historical opportunities of new infrastructure and digital economy, according to a statement issued by IBM.

As many foreign companies have withdrawn from mainland China, IBM China Research Institute is also saying goodbye, reports From 2015, Yahoo announced its exit from the Chinese market and closed Yahoo’s Beijing R&D center; in 2019, Amazon announced its exit from China.

In the same year, Oracle, which does enterprise software, officially closed its R&D center in China and laid off about 900 employees after the impact of Cloud Computing.

The newspaper pointed out that the U.S. and China technology decoupling intensified, foreign companies in the mainland are increasingly marginalized, and now the annual visibility, technology content are one of the best IBM also closed down and left, it is saddening.