Trump “declares war on the law,” Pence disappears, son calls out Republicans.

Trump’s press conference on the evening of 5, there is no Vice President Pence, which is considered to see the Republican Party in the Senate after the dominant position, some mainstream Republicans have begun to cut and Trump, his legal battle has been difficult to gain sufficient political support.

Trump’s eldest son, Trump Jr, pointed out that “those so-called 2024 Republican presidential candidates” have collectively lost their voices, saying it’s unbelievable that now is the perfect time for them to show they’re willing to fight, but they’re cowering before the media mob.

Brother Eric couldn’t be more outraged, tweeting a direct shout-out asking, “Where are all the Republicans?! Have a spine!” This has led to a group of Trump supporters joining in, denouncing the inaction of Republicans and claiming that they want to “defend Trump”.

However, in addition to the mainstream Republicans, are moving away from Trump’s power may also be more, such as long years is considered “right-wing mouthpiece” Fox News Channel and the New York Post: Fox News Channel’s veteran “Sichuan fan” anchor Rhett Bell for the first time in four years to give up “support for Sichuan”, said no evidence of any election fraud; and “Sichuan fan” favorite New York Post, also began to fiercely criticize small Trump’s tweets about the election to launch “all-out war”.