God is testing our faith in the U.S. election gridlock.

The U.S. presidential election and congressional re-election are currently at an impasse for the time being, and many people are worried about it, if not hardly themselves. The people concerned go far beyond the citizens of the United States and involve people in many parts of the world. People’s anxieties and fears are certainly understandable: we deplore the squalor of power politics in the world; we regret that good leaders have been subjected to such criticism; we are disappointed that the shamelessness of corrupt, CCP-colluding politicians has not been met with swift legal punishment; we are disappointed that the workings of democracy in the United States, the flag-bearer of the free world, have been undermined by the CCP and the Bitterness as evil regimes laugh in disgrace; bewilderment as the torrent of communist eradication for humanity seems to be blocked ……

But how can such a stalemate, confrontation, and freezing of time, from another, higher perspective, not be a test of our will and stability by the gods of heaven and earth? Is it not that God is watching the world’s performance more closely, allowing the forces of communism and evil to perform more thoroughly, allowing more people to recognize the truth and choose their sides, and allowing God to select the redeemable, make the final evaluation, and take the opportunity to test our faith and confidence?

Some people feel helpless and powerless at a time of socialist insanity, leftist paranoia, fraud, election deception, and vote fraud, and even feel it’s time to give up. One tweeter said, “I don’t think there’s much chance of a reversal through the legal process, too many people in the US don’t like Trump. It’s so hard to see the light in the darkness when the world is about to join forces against the Chinese Communist Party, hey! It’s all over, evil has triumphed!” The author reassured him, “There is absolutely no lack of hope. Evil will not prevail, and righteousness will triumph over evil.” In the war between good and evil, every warrior on the side of justice has no right to give up.

How can we lightly give up and voluntarily retreat? How does this work? This will surely lead to nothing no matter what is done. As many people have said, God looks at the heart, the result of the election has been decided, and the process is to experience the heart. Since people believe in God, you should be brave enough to trust your heart and continue to support the concept and never give up. When we are faced with a choice, always choose the right side, always be firm in your faith in God, always hold on to your beliefs, and never give in to compromise in the battle between good and evil.

The Chinese government is also very concerned about the election in the U.S. He said, “Prof. Xie, there are already a lot of celebrations for Biden abroad. Says the CCP, and the US has such an ugly thing going for it ……”

That’s right, this election, from the campaign, the interference of various forces, and the respective philosophies of the two sides, and even the fraud in the election process, which has allowed American society to accumulate half a century of sludge, has been vividly displayed. People see that Trump even if he is not driven in a rolling torrent, it is tough, but he still has to go against the current and make something of it. Good things are inherently more grinding. When the Tang monk got the scriptures, he went through 981 difficulties; Kawakubo may not have gone through it yet, so he can’t be righteous yet, his mission is not over, and he must also continue to do it. To take the righteous path, the past and present need to move forward with difficulty. When people think it’s smooth and uneventful, it may be the moment you’re following the devil on a downward spiral.

In my article a week before the election, using social media data, I conducted a card-check analysis and found an interesting conclusion: supporters of Trump and Biden have statistically significant differences in their beliefs. Those who support Trump are more theistic and religious; those who support Biden are more atheistic and agnostic. The correlation between people’s belief in God and their lack of belief in God, and the correlation between which candidate they support, is extremely high and statistically significant.

Why do we support Trump, and is it because we support his personal dream of being president? Of course not. Is it to support his determination to rebuild America? Part of it is. But most of all, we support Trump because of what he stands for: a restoration of tradition, a return to conservatism, a return to faith in God, the annihilation of communism, and the continued strength and deterrence of evil and rogue nations by allowing the world’s free and democratic flag, the United States of America, to remain strong.

It is easy to see the manifestation of God’s will in Kawakami. Trump, a political vegetarian, has entered the American political quagmire and is cleaning the swamp of Washington. Kawakami’s entire family was infected and miraculously recovered three days later with even more energy. On the last day of the campaign, the seventy-year-old actually held six large speeches, desperate scheduling, shocking the world. Throughout U.S. politics, he is the only politician who has fulfilled his promises, and the strategies he has developed and implemented to combat socialism and communism are second to none.

Of course, we all know that American democracy today has failed us, and it is amazing that so much fraud occurred: more than 100% turnout, large numbers of Trump ballots were discarded, one person received a dozen ballots, people who were not American citizens received ballots, and so on. The center of the cheating was Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, and other densely populated, crime-ridden, Democrat vote banks, and it was regrettable. But this disappointment has long been recognized by America’s forefathers. Adams, the second President of the United States, said, “Our government is ill-equipped to deal with human sentiments unrestrained by ethics and religion, and our Constitution, made only for a moral and religious people, is far from adequate to govern any other people. This constitution is only for a moral and religious people.” So it is the moral degradation and corruption of mankind that has led to such an elaborate political model that does not work effectively.

Exactly 73 years ago, on November 11, 1947, Winston S Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said, “Many kinds of systems of government have been tried, and no one says that democracy is the perfect and the wisest. In fact, as has been pointed out, democracy is the worst form of government, except that many other forms have been tried by men, and no better.” The flaws in American politics are exposed, and as they say, since God allowed this to happen and put Trump and the American people through this process, it’s about continuing to clean up America!

A mainland tweeter/netizen left a comment on social media saying, “Mr. Xie Tian, I have been following the pro-democracy movement and Falun Gong since I learned to climb over the wall at the age of 20. For more than a decade, I have endured the incomprehension of my family and friends and have quietly held on to my dignity as a human being by myself. With this result today, when I really don’t know how to face it, where should I go with my life?” The author’s advice to him was, “Trust in the divine plan of God and Buddha, believe that justice must triumph over evil, and the more hopeless you feel, the more hope may be at hand.”

It’s true that evil destroys people’s sense of justice, makes you give up and discourages you. Don’t give up, move forward without anything, and everything will change. We should keep faith, be firm in our beliefs, never give up our faith in God and Buddha, never give up our faith in righteousness, firmly uphold the concept of universality, and if goodness and sincerity remain unchanged, then God’s will will will surely be revealed. Justice will be late, but never absent, and the American judicial system should be allowed to fulfill its mission. Soon we will see that Trump will begin his second term in office next January, continuing the historic mission he has begun, but not yet completed.

A television producer in New York said, “It’s so sad that the election results are so hard to come by. They’re really desperate and hysterical. We underestimated how evil the evil was. Now that America is at its darkest hour, and this is happening to America as a beacon of democracy and a flag of freedom, the world really is ruled by the devil, but I just didn’t think it would get to this level.”

That’s right, at a time when the world is ruled by the devil and when there is a total moral collapse, the impasse in the election is exactly what God is doing to test our faith and people’s integrity, to expose the full extent of evil, to make the contrast between good and evil more visible, and to make it clearer for people to take sides, take positions, and choose sides so that God can make the final discernment. Moreover, now may be the time when people can rethink the institution of democracy and explore new forms of society for humanity.