U.S. election battleground: focus on counting in key states

As of 7:00 p.m. EST on November 4, Republican candidate and incumbent President Trump won 213 electoral votes, Democratic challenger and former Vice President Biden won 253 electoral votes, but both sides did not reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.

The remaining seven closely contested battleground states will shape the outcome of the election, especially the three Midwestern states known as the “blue wall” of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump 2016 by a narrow margin to take these three states, to help him ascend to the White House.

With the votes already counted, Biden has already taken Wisconsin and Michigan, and has a temporary lead in Nevada and Arizona. Trump has a slight edge in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia.

Trump and Biden are very close in these states, and it’s difficult to determine who will ultimately win.


  • Biden won Michigan, which has 16 electoral votes.

Seven contested states


Electoral votes: 10

Number of ballots counted: 99 per cent

Percentage of the vote: 48.9% for Trump, 49.6% for Biden

Under Wisconsin rules, however, a losing candidate can ask for a recount if the difference in votes is less than one percentage point. The Trump campaign said Wednesday that they will ask for a recount. If the recount takes place, it could be weeks before the official results of Wisconsin’s vote are known.


Electoral votes: 20

Ballots counted: 64 per cent

Vote share: 53.5% for Trump, 45.5% for Biden, Trump leads.

Due to mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania will be the state with the latest results. Pennsylvania allows mail-in ballots that arrive by 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6, to be included in the count as long as they are postmarked on or before Election Day, Nov. 3; in addition, Pennsylvania only allows early voting mail-in ballots to begin processing and counting on Election Day, so it will take longer for the ballots to be counted than in other states. President Trump’s personal attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, announced Wednesday that the Trump campaign has filed legal action over Pennsylvania’s vote count.


Electoral votes: 16

Ballots counted: 98 per cent

Vote percentage: 48.8 percent for Trump, 49.7 percent for Biden.

Michigan’s secretary of state said the vote count will be completed by the end of Wednesday, at which point an unofficial result could be released. Meanwhile, Trump’s team said Wednesday that it has filed a lawsuit in state court to stop the continued counting of ballots. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement that President Trump’s campaign has not been given meaningful access to multiple counting locations to observe the opening and counting process, as is the case under Michigan law.


Electoral votes: 16

Number of ballots counted: 95 per cent

Vote share: 50.3 percent for Trump, 48.5 percent for Biden, with Trump leading by less than 2 points.

Georgia has always been a pro-Republican state, and the Democratic candidate hasn’t won it since 1992. Trump took the state by 5 percentage points in 2016. But Georgia has been tightly contested in both the presidential and senatorial elections this year. Polls show Trump and Biden neck-and-neck in support.

The state’s secretary of state told reporters Wednesday morning that about 200,000 ballots remain to be counted. Some analysts say most of those votes are concentrated in the Atlanta area, where Biden has good approval ratings.

-North Carolina.

Electoral votes: 15

Ballots counted: 94 per cent

Vote share: 50.1 percent for Trump, 48.7 percent for Biden, with Trump leading by less than 2 points.

North Carolina is traditionally a Republican state, and the state is important to Trump’s ability to win re-election. Trump led his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, by 3.5 percentage points in the state in 2016.


Electoral votes: 6

Number of ballots counted: 67 per cent

Vote share: 48.6 percent for Trump, 49.2 percent for Biden, with Biden holding a slight lead by less than 1 percent.

Some analyses say most of the votes yet to be counted in Nevada are coming from counties that support Democrats, but the race in Nevada is still very close. Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 2.4 percentage points in Nevada in 2016.


Electoral votes: 11

Ballots counted: 84 per cent

Vote share: 47.6 percent for Trump, 51 percent for Biden, with Biden leading significantly.

Arizona is also traditionally a pro-Republican state. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeted that this year’s election, which saw a history-breaking turnout of voters in the state, has hundreds of thousands of ballots still being counted and results are changing dramatically from hour to hour, and he urged people to be patient. Some analysts believe that Arizona will turn blue in this year’s election.

Candidate vote percentages in the seven states above are based on the latest tally from the Associated Press.

Trump’s winning states and electoral votes (213).

Florida (29), South Carolina (9), Ohio State (18), West Virginia (5), Indiana (11), Kentucky (8), Tennessee (11), Alabama (9), Mississippi State (6), Louisiana (8), Arkansas (6), Missouri (10), Iowa State (6), Kansas (6), and Oklahoma (7), Texas (38), Nebraska (4), South Dakota (3), North Dakota (3), Montana (3), Wyoming (3), Idaho (4), and Utah (6).

States and electoral votes (253) in which Biden won.

Maine (3), Massachusetts (11), Rhode Island (4), Connecticut (7), New Jersey (14), Delaware (3), Maryland (10), Virginia (13), New York (29), New Hampshire (4), Vermont (3), Illinois (20), Minnesota (10), Colorado (9), New Mexico ( (5), California (55), Oregon (7), Washington State (12), District of Columbia (3), Nebraska (1), Hawaii (4), Wisconsin (10), and Michigan (16).