You have to pick Biden?

The first time I was in the race was when I was in the first place. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. In contrast, the rallies of Biden’s supporters, though numerous, were quiet. If we judge the winner by the strength of his supporters, Trump is not as far behind as the polls show. The indisputable fact is that the race is hotly contested. That’s why in major cities, from New York City on the East Coast to Chicago in the Midwest to Los Angeles on the West Coast, stores are rushing to erect hoardings in case people are unhappy with the election results and riots break out. However, on the eve of the vote, Wall Street was not moved by the tensions, the stock market rose as usual, showing that investors are calm to face the fight of the century.

Trump in office to pay full homework

Media opinion and even so-called intellectual KOLs are a different story. On the eve of the election, “The Economist” to “Why it has to be Joe Biden” (Why it has to be Joe Biden) as the cover headline, published a critique of Trump; accuse him of four years in office, destroy the values (values), purpose of the United States as a great country (values), the purpose of the policy (values). We have to tackle him head-on and bring him down. So I had to hit him head on and pull him out of power. This is not a bad charge. However, The Economist also has to admit that if not for Wuhan pneumonia, Trump’s re-election would have been a foregone conclusion. He cut taxes dramatically, deregulated interventions, revived the economy, and unemployment fell to a new low. Unemployment has fallen to a new low. The lower class, whose incomes have not improved in the long run, have seen their incomes rise by an average of 4.7% a year over the past four years. Not to mention the performance of the stock market. Having delivered on its campaign promises, few presidents in history have delivered as well as Trump.

It is true that Trump’s efforts to fight the epidemic, whether it be repeatedly defying epidemiologists or refusing to wear a mask, have all been reckless and disingenuous. However, today, scientists still have limited knowledge of the Wuhan virus; Western democracies, including the UK, France and Germany, are all in disarray, except for the United States. It rains in the night. The virus is rampant, but unfortunately, a police officer kneeling down to kill a black man triggers a race riot, tearing society apart. Trump’s incoherence and lack of dignity may damage his image, but it would be unfair to blame him for all the tearing.

It takes more than one day to tear a society apart. In the second debate, Trump repeatedly asked Biden: What have you done to repair race relations in your 47 years in politics and eight years in power? The Economist touted Biden as “a good man” who could heal the wounds of the race, even if his platform did not offer any concrete measures to promote racial harmony. This is reminiscent of another world-renowned good guy, Biden’s old boss, Barack Obama. With a three-inch tongue, Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize before taking the stage. But he has been in office for eight years, is not a series of police violence? Other than chanting about harmony and unity, did Obama and Biden ever alleviate the tears during those eight years? Is it not Trump, who has been instrumental in reviving the economy, who can deliver on his homework to actually improve the lives of minorities and bring the rich closer to the poor?

Democrat voters hard-eat politicians

Four years ago, Trump did not move into the White House for no reason. In the Republican primary, although no organization team for the backing, Trump was able to kill countless enemies, wealthy and powerful as the party’s original Bush dynasty and did not take two or three rounds, he was dismissed from the game. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more than just a few of these as well as a lot more than just a few of these as well. This reflects the electorate to Bush, Clinton, Obama and so on, only care about the profit sharing politician’s disgust, is to break the rules to Trump this businessman bet. Until the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, the recognized fact is that, despite the arrogant attitude, Trump’s performance did not disappoint voters.

Four years later, voters are faced with the same choice: a politician who talks of nothing but harmony and unity, or an arrogant businessman who talks a lot but delivers the right results to revive the economy. It’s a choice between talk and performance. At any other time, it would have been a no-brainer. It’s just that the Wuhan virus, racial conflict and Trump’s personal character flaws have complicated what should have been a simple choice. With a little more hesitation, does this make it necessary to pick Biden? Not necessarily.