Biden to hold presidential inauguration today under heavy military security

Joe Biden is scheduled to be inaugurated today, Jan. 20, at noon local Time in Washington, D.C. He will soon become the 46th president of the United States. This U.S. presidential inauguration is being held under unusually high military security.

Biden is expected to leave Blair House at 13:00 international standard time to attend Mass services in church, then arrive at the Capitol at around 16:00 international standard time and be inaugurated at 16:44.

Outgoing President Donald Trump will not attend Biden’s inauguration, becoming the fourth president in U.S. history not to attend the inauguration of his predecessor. He is scheduled to leave the White House at 12:00 international standard time on Wednesday and fly to his Sea Lake estate in Florida. In his Farewell Address, Trump wished the next president good luck without naming him.

To ensure the security of Biden’s inauguration, the Pentagon sent 25,000 soldiers of the National Guard to the capital city of Washington to implement ultra-secure security.

Previously, on January 6, the day of the certified electoral vote in both houses of Congress, Trump supporters who accused Biden of election fraud staged a massive protest march in Washington and certain people stormed Congress, four of whom were shot dead by police. Resulting in the Biden Democratic camp very worried about the security of this presidential inauguration.