Trump has started an irreversible era of communist extermination

Although Trump left office with regret, history will eventually restore the truth about the 2020 U.S. election, and Trump’s merits and demerits will be judged by future generations. Among Trump’s greatest achievements in four years, perhaps the two main ones can be summarized: one is internal, his series of domestic policies basically insist on returning to the American tradition; the other is external, completely reversing the previous appeasement attitude towards the Chinese Communist regime. These two are actually one and the same again. Communism is eroding the American tradition, and Trump’s domestic and foreign policies, from the beginning to the end, have resisted the evil forces of communism and started an irreversible era of communist extermination.

Trump’s Indo-Pacific strategy against the Communist regime, which was formulated in its entirety three years ago, was just declassified ahead of schedule on Jan. 12. People have finally woken up to the fact that Trump’s self-proclaimed special relationship with Xi Jinping has actually been a clever ploy to “give up the army without fighting. Trump has long set out a grand plan to bring down the Chinese Communist regime, and has been pushing it further and further until today’s decoupling.

Trump is an insightful strategist, he clearly understands the ambition of the Chinese Communist regime and all kinds of infiltration methods, trade war, technology war, economic war, ideological war, diplomatic war, human rights defense, military confrontation, a series of counter-attacks escalating step by step, the seemingly unbeatable Chinese Communist regime is now more worried than ever whether it can still survive.

Trump has followed the timing of Heaven, and he sees the coming of the era of Heaven’s destruction of the Chinese Communist Party. As the president of the United States, Trump has always followed the main line of fighting against the Chinese Communist regime during his four-year administration, and spared no effort to fulfill the mission of the Chosen One until the last day of his term.

The fall of the Chinese Communist regime should not be the sole responsibility of Trump or the United States, but Trump saw the historical trend and bravely stood at the forefront of the fight against the Chinese Communist regime, waking up Americans, waking up the world, and bringing hope to the Chinese.

The fall of the Chinese Communist Party was a historical inevitability, just as the disintegration of the Communist Party in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 40 years ago was also a historical arrangement. The U.S. military at that Time did not engage in a major war with the former Soviet Communist camp, but the U.S. had been leading the Western world in confronting the Communist camp on all fronts in the Cold War. The rapid disintegration of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe actually occurred internally, and the United States and the West did not take any alarming direct actions at that time, but the long-standing attitude of the United States to confront communism not only created tremendous pressure on the communist regime externally, but also continuously inspired people inside the communist countries who were eager for freedom. The final disintegration of the communist camp was so logical.

President Reagan during the Cold War also developed and implemented a series of strategies to win the Cold War, which produced the ultimate domino effect. Over the past four years, Trump has similarly begun to place one domino after another, ushering in a new era of defeating the Chinese Communist regime.

Before Trump, Americans did not seem to recognize such a great responsibility, some did not yet see the CCP for what it is, and some even made peace with the regime. Now, most Americans are awakened by Trump from the trade war, the CCP virus Epidemic, and the CCP’s all-round infiltration, and only then do Americans realize that a new Cold War has already begun, and that the United States is not responding to the war too early, but too late. If huawei really takes over the 5G market in the United States and Western countries, the damage will be incalculable. Today, people can see how much power the big network companies have to control public opinion and block the voice of truth and freedom, and there is still a lot to be done to return America to its traditions, which is not the responsibility of Trump alone.

Trump has awakened the United States and the world to the fact that every democratic country needs to rethink how it should treat the Chinese Communist regime. The historical process of destroying the Communist Party is irreversible, and every country, organization and individual needs to decide how to play their role and place themselves in this historical process.

Trump saw this historical process and, in accordance with the times, did not hesitate to participate in and promote this process, and achieved his greatest feat. Next, in the historical responsibility to counter the Chinese Communist regime, whether the United States can continue to take the lead and whether other democratic countries can also follow the trend will determine the future world pattern, or rather, will determine the position of each country in the future world.

Those countries that can follow the historical trend and dare to take up the historical mission will receive divine help and blessings, and will undoubtedly be the best in the world in the future; those who cannot recognize the historical trend of the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party and hesitate or even move in the opposite direction will have a worrying fate in the future. The United States became the world leader only after it defeated the Nazis, crushed The Japanese militarist expansion, and crushed the communist camp in the Cold War.

Trump left office, but the historical process of destroying the Communist Party will not stop, much less be reversed; Trump took the first crucial step and played a pivotal role in promoting history. The rest of the road requires more people to choose, to place, and to witness the final dominoes fall down.

The Chinese people, who are concerned about the land of God, should also be more hopeful. Trump’s departure from office should make more brave Chinese people think seriously about the future fate of the Chinese nation. Trump has done enough, the rest of the way, should be more Chinese people choose how to go.