Trump delivers farewell speech “Government is accountable to the people”

U.S. President Donald Trump (Trump) delivered a pre-recorded Farewell Address at 4 p.m. Tuesday (Jan. 19), saying he will pray for the success of his incoming administration.

“We are – and must always be – a nation of hope, light and glory for the world. This week we will inaugurate a new administration, and we will pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous.” Trump said. “We’ve done what we came here (to the White House) to do, and there’s more to do. Most importantly, we have re-established the sacred idea that in America, government is accountable to the people.”

“We have restored the idea that in America, don’t forget anyone – because everyone matters and everyone has a voice. I took on the toughest battles, the most difficult struggles, the toughest choices – because that’s what you elected me (to) do. Our policies are not about left or right, not about Republican or Democrat, but about a country that means the whole country.”

Trump added that the U.S. will “take office on Wednesday with a new administration that (he) will pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous.”

In his 19-minute farewell address, Trump strongly praised what he considered to be the top accomplishments of his own tenure, including efforts to normalize relations in the Middle East and to correct past policies and deal forcefully with the Chinese Communist Party.

“We have reinvigorated our alliances and mobilized the nations of the world to stand up to China (the Chinese Communist Party) like never before,” He said. “Guided by our bold foreign policy and principled realism, we have achieved a series of historic peace agreements in the Middle East.”

Trump said he is also bringing American soldiers Home amid dawning progress in the Middle East. “I’m particularly proud to be the first president in decades not to start a new war.”

Trump again condemned the violent attack on Congress during a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6. He said that despite the divisions among Americans, “we are a nation of incredibly decent, peace-loving citizens” who want the country to prosper and succeed.

“All Americans are appalled by the attack on our Capitol and cannot be accepted.” Trump said.

Trump also thanked First Lady Melania, her Family, Vice President Pence and the Second Lady, multiple staffers and the U.S. Secret Service.

The president also expressed optimism that he has built a strong political movement.

“As I prepare to hand over power to the new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we’ve started is just beginning.” He said.

Trump mentioned that one image that has always stuck in his mind over the past four years is the sight of hundreds of people standing by the side of the road, proudly waving the great American flag, whenever his motorcade passes along the road. “That touches me deeply without fail.” He said.

White House officials said Tuesday that President Trump’s speech was recorded Monday.

Meanwhile, media reports said Trump will skip Wednesday’s swearing-in ceremony for new President Joe Biden and leave the White House on Wednesday morning. Before his social media Twitter account was suspended earlier in January, Trump had said he would not attend Biden’s inauguration event.

I will always be a proud son of Delaware,” President-elect Biden said Tuesday before departing for Washington, D.C., to be sworn in. Our next journey to Washington will begin here, which is extremely personal, (because) this place defines the best of who we are as Americans.”