The U.S. intelligence community is deeply stained red

When you see this title, you may be surprised to know how? The U.S. intelligence community can actually be deeply colored by the Chinese Communist Party? Isn’t the intelligence community the most sensitive, the most hostile? Isn’t it at the forefront of the fight against the Communist Party? Haha, it’s not. America’s top intelligence officer, U.S. Director of Intelligence Ratcliffe himself said that the CIA pressured intelligence analysts who wrote off the CCP as interfering in the U.S. election to change their views or deliberately isolated them.

Common sense dictates that intelligence analysis should be 100 percent objective, and that what is true is true, so that it can accurately inform the U.S. government for decision-making. But now, the CIA management wants intelligence analysts to write according to their prescribed views. How on earth did this happen, that a major U.S. intelligence agency should write a report that covers up for the Chinese Communist Party?

I am also reminded of the speech that Secretary of State Pompeo gave at the Georgia Institute of Technology early last December. He spoke about the depth of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of American universities and colleges. How deep is the infiltration? There are students on U.S. campuses discussing the Hong Kong issue who are afraid to publish their names and have to use code names. Also, MIT refused to have its own country’s Secretary of State come and talk about the Chinese Communist interference on the U.S. campus, under the pretext of fear of angering Chinese students.

U.S. intelligence director Ratcliffe was saddened to discover that multiple U.S. intelligence analysts, instead of putting objective accuracy and U.S. interests first, were writing intelligence reports from a political point of view. He had to write a letter to Congress on Jan. 7 about the Chinese Communist Party’s quest to interfere in the U.S. 2020 election to correct the views of these intelligence analysts. The letter exposed the double standard of these intelligence analysts, putting opposition to Trump administration policies over objective facts, the CIA pressuring subordinates to change their conclusions, and so on.

In fact, even if one dislikes Trump’s policies, he is still America first and for the good of America; the Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, is hell-bent on controlling America. If the Chinese Communist Party seeks to interfere in the U.S. election you still do not report to the U.S. government, then in the future, the Chinese Communist Party will drive straight in, as in no man’s land. The Chinese Communist Party would have had the final say on who would become president of the United States.

The report on foreign interference in the U.S. election was supposed to be released on December 18 of last year, but it was delayed until early January due to the ambiguous attitude of a group of intelligence officials toward the Chinese Communist Party’s interference in the election. Nonetheless, the officials appear to be “politically motivated.

The intelligence director had to write to Congress himself to set the record straight. He also cited the example of the director of Central Intelligence, who was skeptical of the 1962 NIE report estimating that the Soviets were unlikely to place missiles in Cuba to attack the United States, and ordered two U-2 reconnaissance aircraft to check the situation, only to find that a large number of offensive Soviet missiles had already been placed in Cuba. If this director had believed that report at the Time, the United States would have been beaten down by Soviet missiles long ago.

Unfortunately, the current U.S. CIA is completely tainted. The Chinese Communist Party is not a sheep, but a wolf among wolves. It is a wolf among wolves. It practices “over-the-top warfare” and has no bottom line at all. It is only a matter of human weaknesses to hit the top officials, politicians and elites with beauty and money; but interfering in the U.S. election is the main event of the CCP. If a person of the CCP’s choice is elected to power, won’t the CCP be able to play the United States in the palm of its hand?

We do not know how the Chinese Communist Party has been able to influence the U.S. intelligence community, especially the Central Intelligence Agency, but it certainly did not happen overnight. For so many years, the U.S. government has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and threats, and the U.S. intelligence community should have a share of the “hard work”.