DNA paternity testers’ narrative

David: I’m a paternity expert, tell me about the people and things I’ve encountered.

After seeing the word “excluded” on the DNA identification report, the rural man in his sixties scratched his hair like a madman, almost half of it was pulled off, and his scalp was The blood flowed. The son he had raised for more than 30 years was not related to him by blood.

“I really have never seen such a ruthless person. “DNA paternity expert David saw this scene, joint two colleagues rushed up before he was stopped. This man has been working outside, 90% of the money sent home to his wife, their own frugal, wear shoes are broken, do paternity test money is also a friend out. David later learned that the man returned home to his wife’s legs broken, he also drank pesticides.

David is a DNA paternity appraiser in Changsha, more than ten years in the industry, handling more than 30,000 paternity identification, the annual identification results for the “excluded” data are maintained between 23% and 28%, that is, every four to do paternity identification, there is a “non-parental”.

There are currently more than 100,000 DNA paternity testers in China, and basically every city has a paternity test facility, with more than one in larger cities. They rarely hear any warm stories at work, mostly gossip: the man is not sure if the child is his own, the woman does not know who is the father of the child in the belly.

Behind every identification is the complexity of sex and love.

Men trapped by the “cuckold”, “the child is my Is it mine? “

When Li Fu entered the door with some hesitation, but finally stepped in, he carefully handed the test materials prepared in advance to David, the whole process was polite, and did not say much. However, when Li Fu saw the word “excluded”, suddenly howled. “This is the second time. Then, he told David his experience as if he needed to vent.

Three years ago, Li Fu’s first child was born, but he felt that the child does not look like himself, DNA paternity test, the results are “excluded”. After going home and questioning his wife, he learned that the child was her colleague’s.

The identification result was “not supported”, i.e. “excluded”

His wife assured him that she would not make any more mistakes, and Li Fu chose to forgive. Two years later, his wife was pregnant again, and Li Fu was very happy that he finally had a “real son”. But soon his wife proposed to divorce him, his wife’s first love quit her job and came back from abroad, she wanted to be with her first love, and told Li Fu that his little son was his first love’s child.

Li Fu collapsed, how he did not believe, but the results of the identification shattered his illusions, his wife’s two children born in succession are not related to him by blood, and finally Li Fu chose to divorce. “Cheating is only the difference between zero and countless times. “

The process of doing personal privacy paternity test is not complicated, as long as the provision of blood traces, hair with hair follicles, toothbrushes with oral mucosa and other identification materials (referred to as “test materials”). The client does not need to produce documents, and the client who does not want to reveal his or her name can be replaced by Zhang San or Li Si. Compared with the judicial paternity test, the results of the two are the same, but the privacy of paternity test does not have legal effect.

The “cuckold” trapped by the male, in addition to question “child is not my”, but also want to know “who is the child”, they are racking their brains to find their own cuckold, so David was most impressed by the Qian Wenjun.

Qian Wenjun is about fifty or sixty years old, he married a thirty-something foreign woman, soon his wife became pregnant and gave birth to a son. But Qian Wenjun felt that the son does not look like himself, so he came to do paternity testing, the results are “excluded”.

Half a month later, Qian Wenjun came to David, trying to get David to help him analyze whose child is, he pulled out a small book, which densely detailed records of a dozen “suspects “The name, hobbies, unusual words and reflections, suspicion of suspicion and other information, dozens of pages. Qian Wenjun was a scout when he was young.

Relying on this manual, Qian Wenjun tossed back and forth for more than three months, almost all the people he could suspect were tested once, but the results were “excluded”. He was left with only one object of suspicion – his wife came with a 15-year-old child – the son she had with her ex-husband.

The DNA test results showed a “match”.

It turns out that Qian Wenjun’s wife and the “ex-husband’s child” are not related at all, their real relationship is an eloped couple, she and Qian Wenjun married only to solve the problem of housing and living.

The woman can be sure that the child is her own, but the man cannot be sure whether the child is related to him. For men, even if they had doubts before the test, it was difficult for them to accept the word “exclude” on the test results, and this word eventually became the deciding factor for most people to end their marriage. Most people choose to end their marriage.

Women are not sure about “sex”, “Who is the father of my child? Who is the father? “

Whereas men question “Is this child mine?”, women who come for a private paternity test are faced with the question “Who is the father of my child? “

Since 2015, the technology of non-invasive prenatal DNA testing by extracting free DNA from the mother’s veins has gradually matured, and more and more women are coming for private paternity testing to find out whether the child in their bellies belongs to their husbands, or whether they are cheating on their husbands “when they can’t control themselves”.

David found that in recent years there are more and more unmarried girls to do paternity test, mostly 15 or 16 years old, and even 13 or 14 years old.

In early 2018, fifteen-year-old Jiang Meng brought four men over to do the identification, the results are “excluded”. David suggested that she bring other “boyfriend” also to do identification. “I thought at the time that in addition to these four, there should only be one or two left. “Jiang Meng said there are more than a dozen, and some have been unable to contact.

Can not find the father of the child, Jiang Meng is still young, let her parents to pick her up, Jiang Meng said: “Consider them dead”. After her parents divorced, Jiang Meng followed her aunt, who also had two sons and could not take good care of her.

Jiang Meng put her heart in love, brought to do the identification of one of the boys is Jiang Meng very fond of the object, Jiang Meng thought that as long as the child was born can be married to this boy, “I (when pregnant) think that this child is his”, she did not take into account her pregnancy and more than a dozen boys had sexual relations.

The identification of the boy she liked and the child was “excluded”, and it was impossible for the boy and the boy’s parents to accept Jiang Meng. In the end, the aunt took Jiang Meng and the child away, and as to who would raise the child, David was not sure.

Those girls who left with the result of “exclusion”, some of them had sex with their exes before marriage with the psychology of “last time”; others were compelled by their exes to cheat because of their “soft hearts”; or they did not control their desires ……

David wrote down these stories and published them on social media, after a high school girl wrote to him privately, her boyfriend said that only sex can prove that two people are in love, David advised the girl to think twice, but half a month later, the girl said she had sex with her boyfriend, and the next morning the boyfriend disappeared; some girls read the stories he wrote, reflecting on their own behavior after marriage to keep in touch with their exes is not right, to correct.

After reading so many girls’ stories, David hopes that girls will learn to cherish themselves when having sex with men, because “sex” is not a way to trade feelings, and you can’t get real feelings through “sex”.

DNA that doesn’t lie

After the identification, many people will say, “Your results are not accurate? The chance of a DNA paternity test being wrong is 0.0001%, except that there is a very small chance of DNA variation. Some people want to use the adopted child to cheat their parents and compete for family property, threatening David to produce a false report, David refused, “This is not only a violation of professional ethics, but also suspected of breaking the law “.

The analysis in the DNA identification certificate states that the identification result is “excluded”

When a couple comes in for a paternity test, it’s usually because their relationship has gone bad. Some people come to do paternity testing for “fun” and want to experience the process of paternity testing to give themselves and their families a different “good memory”. “good memories”, but two consecutive results are “excluded “, the family of three left in silence. This situation is not much, but there have been several times, “may be the male party originally suspected in the heart, deliberately under the guise of doing (paternity test). “

There are also a family of three to do identification, the result is a “match”. After the identification, the wife because of her husband’s distrust of him and have complaints, not back to the previous tacit understanding of the state; but if not, the husband in the future will be suspicious, and even cause greater conflict between the couple.

“The main thing is still caused by the mistrust between the couple”, in the end should not come, David can not give advice, but can be sure that DNA does not lie.

And these men who have been betrayed can forgive their wives, but cannot accept their children. David contacted cases, even if the couple did not end up divorced, but the children are mostly handed back to the cheating partner or follow the wife’s parents.

Adoptive or blood relatives? It’s not a simple question of right or wrong, but for men, they can’t live with the “proof” of their wife’s infidelity. When this kind of bloodless kinship is mixed with betrayal, humiliation and other episodes, the pain will always exist. “

Blood can be separated from kinship, but also can be linked to some distant people. David once gave a “crazy woman” paternity test, she suddenly appeared in the village under the bridge, there is no water under the bridge, she lived in the bridge hole, others told her to rise water She also refused to leave. Later, the “crazy lady” was recognized as the daughter of a family in the village who had been lost more than 20 years ago.

When she was in her twenties, she was sold to a faraway place, but she found her way back on her own, based on an impression. Her family’s old house had been completely torn down, and a bridge had been built there, so she lived under it and refused to leave.

“Family search” related to the identification is David’s work in the rare “warm story”, there across more than half a century to identify the old sisters to do the identification, there is a separation of more than thirty years by chance reunited mother and daughter, these stories of people and things, no matter how far, no matter how long, “I have to find you”.

Sex” is love, but it can also be a way of revenge

How do men react when they learn that a child is not theirs? David once witnessed a normal person turn into a psychopath in an instant.

When the identification results came out, Zhang Qiang looked at the last piercing “exclude” two words, trembling, suddenly rushed to the window, push open the window to jump down! But the window is only open 30 degrees of the angle of the insurance window, did not succeed; turn around to hit the wall, but fortunately the identification center in the wall of the anti-collision wallpaper.

David joint several colleagues stopped Zhang Qiang, Zhang Qiang’s hands and feet were pressed immobile, but the mouth is still desperately hissing, babbling, Zhang Qiang’s mental abnormalities.

Zhang Qiang’s two children are not related to him, and his wife and ex-boyfriend have joined forces to “cheat” Zhang Qiang out of more than three million. The wife gave birth to the first child, Zhang Qiang’s father had given her two million, and then she wanted to make money by “having children”, but the two children are not Zhang Qiang’s.

There are many reasons why wives cheat, some are because “no love”; some are difficult to control their own desires; some in order to test their husbands, if the husband can accept their own children with others, is true love …… sexual relationship contains love, loyalty, dignity and so on too many complex feelings.

The “sex” also makes people “low self-esteem In 2019, David had gone to a village to do paternity tests on a dozen children who had just been born, standing next to a small, pockmarked man named Li Li, David wanted to identify whether there was a blood relationship between these children and Li Li.

Li Li was once “ridiculed” for his appearance, earned money in his teens, and returned to his hometown to marry his wife. But after six months of marriage, his wife cheated on him to divorce him. She told him that the purpose of the marriage was only to get his money. Li Li was cheated by his wife out of a huge amount of money, but the villagers sided with his wife’s family.

Li Li could only leave his hometown again, and soon he earned money and bought a house in the city, and the village people were red-eyed. Li Li had sex with a dozen women in the village on the grounds that he could make money, and he wanted to get back at these villagers who looked down on him, so there was this scene of identification.

David called his place of work “an amplifier of human nature, a laboratory of human nature”, where all the love and hate, good and evil are magnified without limit.

“To correct the three views by destroying the three views”

David rarely watches TV shows because they are not as exciting as his work. Behind every identification is a complex relationship, from a female best friend cheating on her grandfather; to a stepfather marrying off his two stepdaughters in the form of a “sale”, and There are also stepfathers who “sell” their two stepdaughters and rape and impregnate them before they are married off; there are so-called “fathers” who cheat on women in college to get pregnant and sell their children to pay off loan sharks because they are deeply involved in gambling; there are husbands and Mother-in-law forces wife to have sex with stepson ……

I asked David to tell me what the characteristics of each male and female who came to him for a paternity test, and he said it was difficult, “The happy things are the same, the tragedies are different in their own way. “Then David gave an example of the same woman who brought five “husbands ” to make an identification, but the situation is completely different.

In the first story, the young woman first brought seven male specimens to do identification, the results are “excluded”, the next day she brought another five men directly to do identification, these men are very close to each other, the final identification results show that the child is one of the men, the others also congratulated him.

The second story is a pair of men and women with three children to identify, the man’s family is very poor, five brothers married a person as a wife, and had three children. The man went out to work to earn money to take their children to move to the city, so he had to identify which is his own children.

Not all the good guys in these stories have happy endings, and the few positive stories come from family searches, but they are few and far between. David’s emotions were also affected by these “negative” things, and he was afraid to approach the marriage hall. 2015, his girlfriend of eight years broke up with him, the identification center In 2015, his girlfriend of eight years broke up with him, the Appraisal center was in decline, and his father was sick, all these factors came together to crush David, who had a tendency to depression and chose to leave his job.

The reason for these tragedies is human selfishness, and the root cause of chaotic “sexual relationships” is that people cannot control their own desires.

The rural man who broke his wife’s legs and drank pesticides himself was eventually resuscitated. This incident happened in 2008 and touched David, who was new to the profession, and he wondered if the man would have been better off without the paternity test and not have his family broken up. Another paternity test technician told David, “People who have been cheated on have a right to know the truth. “

The test is just a “demon mirror” to help him identify the people around him, whether they are human or ghosts. (All names in the article are pseudonyms except David)