He Qingli: Coup Threats Coiled in the American Sky as Election Falls Short

What’s happening in the United States in 2020 has caused this election to become a mental rally marathon, causing tremendous psychological stress. According to a survey released in late October by the American Psychological Association (APA), 68 percent of American adults say the Nov. 3 election is a source of tremendous psychological stress, compared to 52 percent in 2016, an increase of roughly more than 16 percent. The worst part is that this psychological stress won’t end with the Nov. 3 U.S. election. Because the far left in the Democratic Party has already announced that there will be a 79-day period of turmoil, the way the coup has been announced, and even more so with the recent announcement on the official website by one of the Democratic Party leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that the coup is overshadowing the United States.

There is suspicion within the Democratic Party that polls are overstating the Biden advantage.

Dozens of U.S. polls were involved in tracking the presidential election, and although judged differently, the mainstream media only broadcast the ones that Biden would win. But because of the distance from reality, it ended up being less than half a month before the election, and pollsters were worrying about whether the industry would follow suit if this prediction failed. Adding to the pollsters’ self-doubt, in a three-page memo obtained by Fox News, Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon told supporters that recent national polls showing the candidate with a commanding lead were “exaggerated. Dillon cautioned supporters: “We can’t be complacent, because the brutal truth is that Trump can still win this race. Every indication we have is that this is going to go down to the wire.” — It’s a skill that the American leftists get polls that end up being unbelievable even to their own contributors. Reminiscent of the Soviet era, one of the things Soviet General Secretary Khrushchev had to do every morning was listen to the Voice of America’s Russian-language broadcasts, and he didn’t trust Pravda. With the campaign in control of internal polls, her leaked memo has raised some concerns that have turned the coup theory into a public outcry.

Various coup theories from the Democratic camp

While the Democrats see Early Voting as beneficial to their party, the results show a Great Reset of the political landscape, with several non-Democrat polls predicting a big win for Trump. As a result, far-left protesters in the Democratic Party are plotting an election day coup. They posted a video online stating that some of the federal employees, agents will participate in the coup, and starting November 4, they plan to shut down and occupy Washington DC until the inauguration, forcing Trump out of the White House. The video is a comical look at the appearances of people pointing at a map and posing as if they are in command of a former enemy.

Breibart obtained a document: leftists fear that Trump may win the Minnesota election, planning the post-election “mass mobilization”, ready to occupy the local police station, refused to recognize the election results. If some people think this is an individual, individual organization’s behavior, and has nothing to do with the Democratic Party, then please see the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on October 29 in the form of questions and answers on its official website to say the following paragraph: “Regardless of the final count, but in the election that occurs on Tuesday (November 3), Biden will be elected. January 20, he will be inaugurated as President of the United States! . So while we don’t want to be overconfident or take any responsibility, we have to be prepared for how to take a different path.”

79 days of chaos and turmoil

A message is circulating on Twitter that if Trump is elected, the United States will enter a 79-day period of unrest, starting November 3, when the left is going to start street riots to prevent Trump’s re-election. The proponent of this plan is Jim VandeHei, the propaganda cadre of the leftist camp in the U.S. He is talking about 78 days, starting on Nov. 4. The VandeHei, a former national political correspondent at the Washington Post and a former White House correspondent for the paper, is now co-founder and CEO of Axios, former executive editor and co-founder of Politico, and very pro-Beijing.

Around mid-October, VandeHei published an op-ed in Axios, “A safe, sane way to navigate election night-and beyond,” by Jim VandeHei

This article continues to repeat the lie they concocted that Trump would refuse to acknowledge the election results, and declares unequivocally that the US will experience 78 days of drama and turmoil from November 4 to the inauguration because the Democrats won’t acknowledge the election results (which means they know exactly what the results are). His idea for the Democrat camp is.

The first delay in announcing the election results to gain time so as to have a chance of a reversal. Both points 1 and 2 in the text speak to this strategy. Because the Democrats are citing the virus as a reason to take mass mail-in ballots, many Democrat states require mail-in ballots to be counted several days after the election, so no one can be declared the winner of the election that day.

Second, Trump will win on election day, but this is a “Red Mirage”, because the Democrats will have more mail-in ballots (in fact, it’s a manufactured fake ballot, this trick is a Democrat trick), as long as the time to receive mail-in ballots is extended, the Democrats will be able to make the “Red Mirage” disappear and win the election.

Third, the Democrats were asked to control information and not to share information that would be detrimental to the party (i.e., “don’t spread rumors” and the like, as the CCP propaganda department often says); to repeat the rumors of Russian interference in the U.S. election, and to remind his particular readers to take advantage of it (he didn’t say a word about actual Chinese interference in the U.S. election, because Van Heim is pro-Beijing and has a very friendly China column in Axios); and finally, the Democrats were asked not to reveal information about the various election proceedings that would be detrimental to them in order to stabilize their morale.

Given the massive election fraud deliberately perpetrated by the Democratic camp, the Republicans have primarily sought legal solutions, with various lawsuits already filed before the election, citing only Texas, where the Democrats have been massively resettling illegal immigrants for years in hopes of changing the political landscape here. Back in 2019, the state’s Secretary of State’s office found that about 95,000 people identified by DPS as non-U.S. citizens had matching voter registration records in Texas, with about 58,000 of them voting in one or more Texas elections. After this tactic was busted, the Democrats have been getting creative with their voting methods this year, and while Texas law allows roadside voting for disabled voters in Harris County, the county’s Democratic Party made pass-through voting open to all voters and got 127,000 ballots that did not have IDs, only driver’s licenses, which the state’s non-immigrants can get.

New Jersey, a deep blue state where I live, has always been a heavy Democratic cheating town, and the New York Post published a surprisingly extensive article on August 29, “Confessions of Election Fraud: I’m a Master at Manipulating Mail-In Ballots”. There was also one case of postal workers deliberately throwing away Trump ballots, and even more revelations that one in five mail-in ballots was fraudulent. So much cheating has deterred voters in the state from mailing in their ballots. There are 6.4 million registered voters in the new state, and only a million or so have been collected, less than a quarter of those mailed out. The remaining 5 million or so voters would rather line up to vote on Election Day than mail in their ballots.

The Democrats went to great lengths to mail-in ballots and encourage early voting, but the national picture doesn’t show that it’s accomplishing what the Democrats wanted to accomplish. A Bloomberg analysis of Texas, where the most early voting took place, says that 9 million early votes were cast as of Oct. 30, already surpassing the 2016 total of 8.7 million. Neither side knows who will benefit from this additional vote. Biden’s lead is very narrow, but reliable Republicans were fully mobilized in the final days of the campaign, so it’s prematurely optimistic to think the Democrats won Texas.

Will the coup become a reality?

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is in euphoria these days as she has decided that Biden will be President of the United States regardless of the outcome of the election, and her agenda has now moved on to what to do with Trump who has lost the presidency. So, will her coup become a reality?

I think this could be a dream come true for her and the extremist wing of the Democratic Party.

Firstly, time has changed, and public opinion in the United States is completely different from what it was when the Floyd incident happened on May 25 this year.

The BLM movement started on May 25, and with the power of the Democratic Party and the political correctness of years of anti-racist discourse, the slogan “Defund Police” has become a rampant slogan. On October 1, more than two-thirds of the 1,314 registered voters surveyed by the Harvard University Center for American Politics/Harris Poll wanted Law And Order restored, and had a far more favorable opinion of law enforcement officials than they did of “black lives are also lives. ” (Black Lives Matter) campaign (51%), while Antifa got only 14% approval.

Americans can no longer tolerate the Democrats indulging in mob smashing and looting out of self-interest of one party because they lost the election.

Second, on July 15, The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) publicly stated that it would fully support Trump’s re-election in the 2020 election. Association President Michael McHale said, “President Trump’s support is especially important at a time when many are unfairly blaming police officers, especially since he directed the Attorney General to take steps to protect officers from attack.”

The organization, which was founded in 1978 and represents more than 2,000 member police organizations and associations across the U.S. with about 350,000 members, said in an open letter to President Trump, “Our support is an acknowledgement of your strong and public support for our men and women on the front lines, especially at a time when so many people are making unfair and inaccurate accusations about our members. “

Third, those who would not accept the election results are also not mainstream in the Democratic Party. Reuters/Ipsos is a hardcore supporter of the Democratic Party, and a survey conducted by the agency from Oct. 13 to 20 showed that 43 percent of Biden supporters would not accept a Trump victory, but only 22 percent of Biden supporters said they would engage in street protests and even violence.

I’m sure that some will go to protest and vent over the defeat under the stress of an election that lasts for more than half a year, but with 78 days of sustained criminal violence, most of those 22% will retreat.

On November 2, the United States is already preparing for the election campaign on the 3rd. Attorney General Barr has dispatched judicial officers to the counties where general election cheating is worst to monitor the election. Several cities, such as New York, Washington, D.C., and Boston, which have been most damaged by the BLM violence, have also begun to board up their facades to prevent damage, and it remains to be seen in what way the sequel will be written after November 3, the US election that has the world on its mind.