“What’s wrong with me just quitting the parent group?!”

Recently, a parent in Jiangsu province, in a short video posted by himself, shouted: “I’ll quit the parents group how! “From the content of the video, the parent believes that the teacher, by asking the parent to correct homework and help with homework, has taken upon herself the responsibility and work that the teacher should have done.

At the end of the video, the parent asks: “I teach, I change, and then I have to say in good conscience that the teacher has worked hard.

A third-grade parent group in a school in Jiangxi, the teacher even directly criticized a few parents who did not give their children to correct homework, the parent group appeared in the problem, triggering many parents resonance, parent group should be a bridge between home and school communication, but invariably became a “pressure group”, overwhelming adults, just a parent group.

On the eve of the National Day this year, a child’s father had a sudden emotional breakdown during a parent-teacher conference. As he often does not respond to messages from the parent group, after being reminded by the teacher by name, suddenly out of control. He cried while explaining, he worked overtime, meetings and have to stare at the child, how to look over …… for this father’s emotional outburst, parents have said: special understanding. “It would have been a lot of pressure at work, but also have to keep an eye on what the teacher has issued another notice. A little late reply, will be named by the teacher, every day after class but also to look at the child’s homework. Sometimes you can’t take care of it, so you’re told you don’t care about children, it’s quite aggravating. “

On October 13, another school in Zhejiang province, which was to be cleaned to meet an inspection, asked parents to volunteer to clean it. One parent, who did not see the group notification and did not participate in the cleaning, was asked for an interview by the teacher and accused of disrespecting the group and the teacher.

This is not an isolated case, and many parents have reported that they not only have to clean their classrooms but also go to the school cafeteria to help with the food.


How did the parents’ group become “stale”?

The original purpose of the parents’ group was to facilitate communication between teachers and parents, but it has gradually evolved into a “boasting group”. In order to make a good impression on their children in front of their teachers, parents are in praise and gratitude mode, and there may even be “spoiling”, showing off their wealth, quarrelling and abusive behaviour within the group.

The pressure on the teachers is also not small. Not only the parents complain, but also the teachers have many complaints about the parents group. One teacher even lamented: since we entered the WeChat group, every day is a parent-teacher conference!

A Beijing middle school teacher Liu said, in the classroom parents group, send a school notice, parents will “bombastic” reply. Because there is always a bit of unread information on the phone, Mr. Liu feels he has a “fear” of mobile phones.

A kindergarten teacher in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, the most energy spent every day is to chase the children to shoot short videos. “From the time a child enters the kindergarten to the end of the school day, from the classroom to the outside of the classroom, I almost track and film, and I have to send at least 10 short videos a day to the parents to keep them informed about their children’s situation. “

How to restore the “original shape” of the parent group

In order to avoid the frustration of both parents and teachers, schools in many places have started to “set up their own rules”. For example, the class teacher in the group rules, the group only send school announcements and class notices, never on individual students to do discussions in the group.

In the case of a kindergarten in Dalian, nine rules were set up directly in the parents’ group. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’re aware of what you’re getting into and what you’re doing.

On October 26, the Taiyuan Education Bureau introduced the “implementation opinions on further improving the work of reducing the burden of primary and secondary school students. It is clearly stated that it is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct homework, clean the classroom, praise and forward all kinds of information.

Parent groups are actually only one of the ways that service teachers communicate with parents, not the only effective way. Parents and schools should still understand each other, and education can never be achieved without close cooperation between the two.