China saves Musk’s life again as the home-made Model 3 is about to go to sea

According to overseas media reports on October 19, the Tesla Model 3 produced at Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory will soon be exported overseas.

Looking at Tesla’s global production line, only Shanghai is “still able to fight”.

In the West, everyone is wearing Chinese-made jeans and sneakers and using Chinese-made iPhones and iPads, and for many in the Chinese media, the smooth sailing of the Chinese-made Model 3 sends a positive signal, as Musk has great faith in the quality of the cars built at his Shanghai super factory. But judging by the news, the Model 3 may have been made in China out of frustration.

In the first half of the year, the California government has repeatedly asked local automakers not to resume work because of the need to prevent and control an epidemic, but Musk would rather risk offending the government by letting the plant resume work, not because he’s rich and capricious, but because the Model Y schedule is very tight. As a result, when the Model Y began to be delivered in July, the American owners of the Model Y gradually turned “pink to black” towards Musk because of the rough and crude workmanship of the new car. “, Musk had no choice.

In less than a year, Musk has offended both the California government and the majority of Model Y owners, so it’s clear that the high IQ Musk’s EQ isn’t much higher. According to a European used car trading website, even a used Model 3 with a mileage of 20,000 km can still be sold for almost the same price as a new car, showing that Europeans have been “desperate” for the Model 3 for a long time.

Tesla didn’t plan to build a factory in Europe? Of course he had this plan in mind, but the same epidemic affected Tesla’s super factory in Berlin, which won’t be able to deliver for two years. The Shanghai factory is still “in full force”, Musk had to put away the “Tesla made in China will never be exported” flags, and started to export the domestic Model 3 to overseas.

China once saved Musk’s life, but Musk doesn’t seem to appreciate it!

Unlike Zuckerberg, who gave a lecture in Chinese in Tsinghua five years ago and began smearing China this year, Musk did not marry a Chinese wife and did not take the time to learn Chinese because he felt that in the age of artificial intelligence, learning languages was not only useless but also time-consuming. But China is indeed his blessed land: a year ago, Tesla and RuiXhouCafe were shorting institutions like stare, a variety of models can not be delivered on time, the stock price fell again and again, the media eyes of Musk once from the “Silicon Valley Iron Man” into “Silicon Valley JiaYueTing”.

Thanks to China’s “help”, the land that was to be given to Celeste to run the factory was also given to Tesla, Tesla could not raise money, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, C&D and Pudong Development Bank approved a 5-year loan of 10 billion yuan directly to Tesla, you have to grant land if you want, lend money to you if you want. The first super plant overseas and the car was successfully delivered earlier this year. Musk even danced with excitement at the delivery ceremony of the new car.

In the first half of this year, the epidemic broke out around the world, but it was effectively controlled in China, and Chinese demand for the domestic Model 3 remained strong. The sum of sales. If not for the Shanghai factory “full power”, Tesla’s stock price how could bottom out?

Even so, Musk seems to have been ungrateful to the Chinese for their kindness. Whether it’s the rough workmanship of the Chinese made Model 3 or the “overbearing” cancellation of the seven-day, no-excuses return policy, it’s hard to see how Musk has any intention of showing gratitude to the Chinese.

Since the start of delivery, the rough workmanship of the Chinese-made Model 3 has still caused many owners to complain about leaks in either the roof or the trunk. Recently, Tesla announced the cancellation of its 7-day no-excuses return policy. Some media analysts said that the original policy allowed new car owners to regret returning the car when they encountered a drop.

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For Musk, China is indeed his blessed land, especially this time to export the domestic Model 3 to overseas, in fact, using the excess capacity of the Shanghai super factory to make up for the shortage of Model 3 in the overseas market. But in Musk’s eyes, the Chinese market seems to be his ATM machine, and Tesla never cares about the frequent price cuts that lead to user dissatisfaction.

In the face of the frequent price cuts brought about by the domestic Model 3, not only did the three autonomous new energy car enterprises, namely Celeste, Ideal and Xiaopeng, start to make efforts to make their own models more refined, the founders of the three enterprises finally came together to declare their willingness to jointly confront Tesla’s determination, BYD and GAC New Energy and other traditional car enterprises also abandon the “fuel to electricity” road, establishing a technical city that is difficult to break.

If not for Tesla’s arrival, another round of reshuffle in the domestic new energy vehicle market would not have come so quickly. In the first half of this year, new energy vehicle enterprises such as Bateng and Boxun announced that they were “out of the race”.

For those of us who want to overtake our foreign counterparts in the new energy era, the introduction of Tesla over the past year has brought exactly the results we were hoping for. Many foreigners have long since switched their preferred mobile phones from Chinese-made iPhones to Chinese-created Huawei and Xiaomi, and with the Chinese-made Model 3 paving the way in overseas markets, the road to overseas expansion for autonomous new-energy carmakers such as Celeste, Ideal and Xiaopeng may be smoother and smoother.