US election|6 possible scenarios for the unpredictable election results

The U.S. election has been affected by an epidemic that has greatly increased the number of postal and early votes, making the outcome of the election even more unpredictable, and the Sunday Times (UK) lists six possible outcomes of the election and subsequent developments.

1 Biden narrowly won

Biden lost Florida, but regained Democratic power in the Midwest and north, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, which he lost in the last election, leaving him with the electoral vote overwhelming only Trump. Trump may then challenge the Democratic-run cities for tampering with mail-in ballots, challenging the results in court until the last minute.

2 Kawakami narrowly won.

Democrats will then attack the electoral system is unrepresentative, accusing Republicans of dirty tricks to suppress voters, or legal challenges, Trump lazily ignored the claim of victory.

3 Biden’s big win

Biden not only regained long-time Democratic support, but also won in the key swing state of Florida and turned red states such as North Carolina and Georgia blue, and the “blue wave” gave Democrats control of both houses of Congress “in full power.

4 Kawakami’s big win.

The huge hidden vote source of Trump really emerged, bringing the shock results that only he and his die-hard supporters have been believing in, and with polls showing him trailing in southern and midwestern states almost unanimously, the Republicans retained control of the Senate, allowing him to start his second term strong.

5 Evenly matched

If the vote counts are very close, confirming the final results may take weeks, especially if the final victory depends on a single state result such as Pennsylvania, when a fierce legal battle over mail-in ballots, voter registration and voter fraud will take place and protesters on both sides will pour into the streets.

6 Trump “Wins First, Loses Later

As Republicans are more inclined to vote in person, Trump saw himself in the lead on election night, or preemptively declared the winner, but after several days of counting mail-in ballots, Biden overtook before. Trump refused to concede defeat, vigorously flogged fraud, his legal team filed a lawsuit questioning the key state mail ballots are valid.