US election|Trump calls on supporters not to believe ‘fake polls’ Biden: If you want to defeat the virus, you have to defeat Trump first

President Donald Trump has denied the results of polls that show that he will lose the election and be disgraced as he begins his last day of campaigning. He appealed to his supporters not to believe the fake polls, because in the real polls, his election is very good. The first step in defeating the virus is to defeat Trump,” Democratic presidential candidate Biden told voters, calling on them to work together to end the “chaos” that Trump has brought to America over the past four years.

The 74-year-old Trump came to Fayetteville, North Carolina (Fayetteville) on the eve of Election Day to build momentum, he told supporters, do not believe in fake polls. Because in the real polls, he’s very much in the running and he’s going to win the election. “I’ve seen these fake polls, but we’re going to win anyway.

Trump tried to repeat the history of his cold-blooded election four years ago, portraying himself as a rebel against the “arrogant, corrupt and callous” establishment. He told the crowd, “You have elected a politically savvy man as president, and he has finally put America first. All I ask is, ‘Come out and vote’!

The 77-year-old Biden is trying to portray Trump as a “reckless loser against the epidemic”. He first went to Cleveland, Ohio, on Feb. 2 to build momentum, telling voters, “The first step in defeating the virus is defeating Trump.” Biden also shouted to the crowd, “It’s time for Trump to pack up and go home… We’re going to end this mess! We’re going to end the tweets, the anger, the hate, the failures, and the irresponsible style. He then traveled to Iowa, where he again called on supporters to join him in ending the mess that Trump’s presidency has brought to America.

The U.S. presidential election to adopt the electoral vote system, a total of 538 votes, the vast majority of states adopt a “winner-takes-all” system, the candidate with the most votes in the state can include all the electoral votes of the state, to win the election to obtain more than half of the 270 electoral votes.

According to Fox News pre-election last wave of electoral votes estimated that Trump can be expected to take 180 electoral votes, and now Trump, Biden in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina (15 electoral votes), Ohio (18 electoral votes), Arizona (11 electoral votes), Iowa (6 electoral votes) and other 6 states in fierce battle. Kawakami can reverse the key to victory, the electoral votes of the above 6 states must be taken with full force. The outside world believes that the results of Florida and Pennsylvania, will have a decisive impact.