U.S. election|Chuan pink was accused of forcing the car Biden campaign bus led FBI investigation Kawakubo force support: did not do wrong

The United States election is approaching to intensify the emotions of supporters of different camps, Democratic candidate Biden a campaign bus in Texas on Friday during the parade, a Republican President Donald Trump supporters of the motorcade, in the highway close to and surrounded the Biden campaign bus, a dangerous situation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced its involvement in the investigation, Trump yesterday (1st) in a tweet (twitter) to support supporters of patriotic, did not do wrong, asked the FBI to stop the investigation.

CNN (CNN) reported that, according to the network video, the incident can be seen printed with the names of Biden and He Jinli campaign bus, traveling along Interstate 35. Nearly 100 vehicles with “Trump” flags on them were moving around the bus from the front, left and rear, and slowed down to about 30 mph, CNN said. It is alleged that one of the cars even changed lanes in close proximity to the Biden campaign vehicle, nearly causing an accident.

Both Biden and Democratic vice presidential candidate, Joanne Hogan, were not on the bus at the time of the incident, while congressional candidate and former Texas Governor Wendy Davis was on the bus. The Democratic Party staff on the bus called for help and were eventually escorted by police officers to their destination in Austin. The Democrats later canceled two campaign events for the day, as well as a press conference, citing safety concerns.

A motorcade of Trump supporters, nicknamed the “Trump Train” in Texas, often parades together in groups to build momentum for Trump. Trump tweeted on Saturday, sharing footage of the incident taken from a distance, and wrote, “I love Texas! Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr. also posted a message encouraging his supporters to “have fun,” saying he hoped the “Trump Train” would “welcome” Hogan Lee, who was canvassing for votes in Texas at the time.

After the FBI publicly confirmed that it was “investigating the incident,” Trump tweeted, “In my opinion, these patriots have done nothing wrong, but rather, the FBI and the judiciary should investigate the terrorists, anarchists and ANTIFA agitators who are wreaking havoc and harming our people in a Democratic city. ! At another campaign rally, Trump said supporters were just “protecting” the Biden campaign bus.

The newest addition to the list is the newest member of the U.S. Department of Justice. The U.S. media previously reported that Trump had expressed dissatisfaction with Wray’s comments on election fraud, Russian election interference and “anti-fascist movement” and other issues to his staff, moreover, had explored replacing Wray after his re-election.

Last weekend, New York and New Jersey also had a parade of Trump supporters driving to different locations, waving flags and chanting slogans in support of Trump, and a number of road traffic was blocked as a result. Biden criticized Trump and his supporters’ behavior, describing it as “something we’ve never seen before, or at least we don’t have a president who would consider it a good thing.