Look at this morning’s US election vote! “Anti-China and pro-Taiwan” is the loudest election campaign, 8 minutes of in-depth film, you can read it quickly.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election today (3) vote, the long campaign finally came to an end, due to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic impact, the surge in postal votes, all walks of life worried about the inability to know the election results in a short period of time, the election of U.S. leaders could have affected the world situation direction, coupled with the uncertainty of the current election too many factors, this particular election campaign, but also by the global public’s special attention.

This election is the election of two old people, on behalf of the Republican Party for re-election of Donald Trump is 74 years old, the Democratic Party candidate Biden is currently 77 years old, in three weeks on his 78th birthday, no matter who is elected in the two, will be the oldest inauguration of the President in the history of the United States.

The election is also the United States of America’s most expensive election ever, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (Center for Responsive Politics, CRP) estimates, including presidential and congressional candidates, campaign spending has been nearly 14 billion U.S. dollars (about 400 billion Taiwan dollars), more than the last two elections in the U.S. spending a combined $ 12.8 billion. The Democratic Party spent more, totaling about $6.9 billion ($197.5 billion), while the Republican candidates or related groups spent a total of about $3.8 billion ($108.8 billion). The two parties spent the most money or presidential candidates, the center report estimates that Trump, Biden campaign spending a total of about 6.6 billion U.S. dollars (about 188.6 billion Taiwan dollars), which in addition to the candidates themselves, but also into political parties, support groups for their money bet.

The two candidates sucked up money amazing power, Biden as of October has absorbed 930 million U.S. dollars (26.5 billion Taiwan dollars) of donations, Trump in 2017 after the inauguration began to raise money, two years has raised more than 500 million U.S. dollars (14.2 billion Taiwan dollars), this does not count the Republican National Committee for the party candidates to raise funds.

As the United States adopts a unique “electoral college” system, the electoral votes indirectly determine the presidential candidate. The person who wins more votes in the popular vote may not win the presidency, “swing state” election results become the key, as long as you can win the majority of votes in swing states, even if only 1%, can take away all the electoral votes of the state, the last general election is like this, Trump’s popular vote is less than Hillary 2.9 million votes, but because of the votes of the “swing state” and defeated Hillary smoothly. A number of media pointed out that the electoral battle may be the most critical is Pennsylvania, Biden in other swing state polls still have a small lead, but the polls in Pennsylvania is Biden, Trump hard to split, who can get Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, the chances of winning will increase significantly.

The 2020 U.S. election is also known as the “martial pneumonia election”, the end of January this year, the United States just had the first confirmed cases, the New York stock market index is reaching an all-time high, the U.S. economic performance so that Trump complacency, shouting “the American dream is back”. But now, the United States in a few months, confirmed cases have exceeded the 9 million mark, more than 230,000 deaths, millions of Americans unemployed because of the epidemic, Trump lost the economic performance can boast of. Even die-hard Republicans are reluctant to vote for Trump, the journal Science Advances compared a number of polling data, and found that as long as the number of martial lung disease deaths in the states doubled, Trump’s support in the local will fall 0.14 percentage points. Day by day, Kawakami’s votes are just a little bit lost.

Because of the relationship of the epidemic, the current election by mail or early to vote at the polling place voters, but also a record high, according to the United States Elections Project (US Elections Project) November 1 statistics show that more than 94 million people have voted, tens of millions more than the last term, mail voters, but also on behalf of the vote count to take more time, for how to calculate the number of votes, the number of voters to vote in the election. or when to start counting ballots, states have different rules, such as Florida and Arizona, which have pre-processed mail-in ballots before voting on the 3rd. In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, it is required to wait until Election Day to process the mail-in ballots, and I’m afraid that this time, as in previous years, it will not be possible to judge who won on voting night.

Historically, in the US presidential election, US voters are concerned about domestic affairs and international concerns are about foreign affairs. The campaign still uses “Make America Great Again” as the slogan, focusing on the economy, shouting free market, de-regulation of financial regulation, tax cuts, encourage manufacturing back to the U.S. mainland. In terms of diplomacy, he advocated “America First”, expanded arms and rebuilt military power, withdrew from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), Iran nuclear agreement and other agreements, played the “anti-China card” even more, raised tariffs on Chinese trade, restricted exports of technology to China, encouraged U.S. companies to move back to the U.S. from China, and imposed sanctions on China over Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The US military has increased its patrols in the South China Sea to exercise its “freedom of navigation rights”, conducted high-profile cruises in the Taiwan Strait, and passed as many as nine military sales to Taiwan.

He favors maintaining financial regulation, increasing taxes on the rich and cutting taxes on the middle class, raising the minimum wage, advocating racial affirmative action, and expanding Obamacare, which Trump is determined to repeal. Trump is anti-immigrant, while Biden is immigrant-friendly and eases restrictions. On the diplomatic front, Trump is busy “withdrawing,” while Biden hopes to regain U.S. international leadership, rebuild relationships with allies, and consider rejoining or negotiating the TPP and Iran nuclear deals from which Trump withdrew.

He also condemned China’s persecution of human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, but did not plan to continue the trade war and would not levy heavy taxes on Chinese goods. He also wrote a letter to the United Press World Journal, claiming that he would strengthen relations with Taiwan.

But these policies are not as important as the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic in the minds of American voters. Facing up to the seriousness of the epidemic, taking serious preventive measures and convincing the American people that the epidemic is under control may be the key to the current election. (International Center/External News Service)

Polling Place Closing Hours Across the United States

Only 22 voters in Millsfield meet in the restaurant set up as a polling place during the election, vote immediately and open the ballot immediately, about 5 minutes to open the ballot, becoming one of the first “first ballot boxes” in the United States to open the ballot.

As for the other states of the United States to vote, open votes, will be successively in the local time 6:00, 7:00, opening time of about 11, 12 hours after the end of voting. From 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Taiwan time on the 4th, the polls will close one after another.

The following are the closing times for polling places across the United States (all in Taiwan time).

● 07:00 Taiwan time on the 4th

Indiana (11 Electoral Votes)

Kentucky (8 tickets)

● 4th 08:00.

Florida (29 votes)

Georgia (16 votes)

South Carolina (9 votes)

Vermont (3 votes)

Virginia (13 votes)


Voting ends in North Carolina (15 votes), Ohio (18 votes), and West Virginia (5 votes).


The polls close in about 14 states and Washington.


Arkansas (6 votes)


Polls close in Arizona and 14 other states


Utah and 4 other states close voting.


California (55 votes), Oregon (7 votes), Washington (12 votes), and Idaho (4 votes) close the polls


Hawaii closes the vote (4 votes)


Last state, Alaska (3 votes) ends voting