Fox anchor retrieves lost flash drive UPS: Hourly worker finds it

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his show Thursday night (Oct. 29) that he has recovered the USB flash drive that was sent by UPS.

It is reported that the flash drive contained “damaging” material on the Biden family obtained from a source, but the flash drive mysteriously disappeared when it was sent from New York to California by Fox employees, and the envelope containing the flash drive was thrown away.

The story given by UPS on Thursday, Carlson said, was that the flash drive was found on the floor by an hourly employee at the UPS building on 43rd Street in midtown Manhattan; after finding it, he put it on a supervisor’s desk and it took 24 hours – until Carlson questioned the disappearance of the mail on television – for UPS to notice it.

Carlson doesn’t buy UPS’s explanation. Nor, he said, did UPS executives answer his question – how did the flash drive escape from their sealed package? Because the envelope was securely sealed, Fox had two witnesses who saw the producer seal it and mail it, and UPS did not dispute this.

“Was the package accidentally torn open by the machine? That seems unlikely. ups said that would almost never happen,” Carlson said on the show.

In response to the request to view UPS’s surveillance cameras, UPS said the interior of the room where they distribute packages does not have surveillance cameras and could not provide more details.

“UPS is a reliable company. They rarely lose packages, which is why we use them in the first place. But they lost our Biden file. How? UPS wouldn’t tell us how it got lost. We spent a lot of time on Thursday talking to executives there,” Carlson said.

“So we’re left with one obvious explanation: someone for some reason opened our package, took the flash drive and it contained documents that were damaging to the Biden family; we’d love to know who would do that and why. Seeing the envelope would have helped with the identification, but UPS said it couldn’t see the envelope because they threw it away.” He added.

Carlson said they have recently received a number of documents about Hunt, most of which have not been broadcast, including documents about Hunt’s overseas business and what he did for foreign clients with the help of his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“These documents appear to be relevant and newsworthy. We don’t feel it’s inappropriate for us to show them to your viewers,” He said.

Carlson said many of the documents about Hunter’s personal life, they will not play. The contents of the mysteriously disappeared flash drive, however, Fox has also left copies before sending them out.

Biden family secret file disappearance recap

According to Carlson’s own account, his team received the documents from a source on Monday (26th) of this week. At the time, Carlson was in California conducting an interview with Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of the Biden family. Carlson asked a colleague to send the documents to the West Coast.

Carlson said the producers used UPS, a major package carrier, to send the documents overnight to California.

“The documents regarding Biden never arrived in Los Angeles. On Tuesday (27th) morning, we received word from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were gone,” said Carlson on the Wednesday (28th) show, “and the documents had disappeared.”

Carlson said the company took the incident very seriously and immediately began searching. The company tracked the package from the moment it was delivered in New York to the moment an employee at the sorting facility notified that it had been opened and the contents were empty.

“The company’s security team interviewed every employee who had access to the envelope. They searched the plane and the truck that delivered it. They checked the New York office where our producer had delivered the package. They combed the entire huge sorting facility. They distributed photographs of our packages to make sure the searchers knew what to look for,” says Carlson, “and they went far beyond what they should have been searching for, but they found nothing.”

“The documents have disappeared”, he added, “and as of tonight (Wednesday), the company still has no idea where the material, which is so closely tied to the presidential election, has gone and no plausible theory as to where it has gone.”
A spokesperson for UPS, a U.S. delivery company, told the media on Thursday (29th) that they have found the mysterious package that was lost by Fox News host Carlson.

A UPS spokesperson said, “After an extensive search, we have located the contents of the package and are making arrangements to return the package to (the sender).” “UPS will always prioritize our customers and continue to work and resolve issues to do the right thing,” The spokesman added.