Poll: Trump will outspend Biden 326:212

U.S. elections into the countdown, although many mainstream polls show Democratic Party candidate Biden leading incumbent President Donald Trump, even in swing states where voting intentions are undecided, but Britain’s “Sunday Express” (Sunday Express) commissioned think tank “Democracy Institute” (Democracy Institute) to do the latest poll shows that Trump national support for 48%, 47% ahead of Biden, the projection may get 326 electoral votes, a big win over Biden’s 212 votes.

The survey shows Trump’s support in key swing states such as Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, leading Biden by 4 percentage points, or 49% to 45%. By this projection, Trump would be able to garner 326 electoral votes for a landslide victory that would be more shocking than defeating Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.

The Democracy Institute, which successfully predicted Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) in 2006 and a Trump victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, is one of the very few pollsters to predict a Trump victory, allegedly because it only targets voters who think they are likely to go to the polls, rather than all those who are registered to vote, and because it also tries to uncover those hidden supporters of Trump, unlike most other polls.

Nearly 80 percent of Trump supporters don’t identify themselves to friends and family

According to the poll, nearly 80 percent of Trump supporters (79 percent) would not admit to friends and family that they support Trump. By comparison, only 21 percent of Biden supporters would be afraid to admit it.

After the scandal of Biden’s second son Hunter’s suspected government-business collusion with China and Ukraine kicked off, mainstream media, including social media platforms, were challenged to deliberately ignore the story, which could affect the Biden campaign, but when asked who they thought was telling the truth about the Biden family allegations, 57 percent chose to break the story to businessman Bob Brinsky. Meanwhile, 52 percent of those polled believe Biden is a corrupt politician, 21 percent said they were unlikely to vote for him, and 75 percent saw no difference. When it came to whether the allegations would pose a threat to national security, 54 percent thought they would.