Another CCTV talk show host has been investigated in connection with the downfall of Sun Lijun.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun recently revealed that Ouyang Shadan, a prominent Chinese CCTV host, is under government investigation for possible links to the fallen Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security Sun Lijun, according to pro-China overseas media outlet

Ouyang Shadan, 43, became the anchor of CCTV’s Newslink in 2011 and has won the Golden Microphone Award, one of the media industry’s highest honors.

After the fall of Sun Lijun in April this year, there were rumors that Ouyang Xiaadan and two other CCTV hosts, Dongqing and Li Sisi, were under investigation, but Dongqing and Li Sisi quickly showed up to dispel the rumors, and Ouyang Xiaadan has been nowhere to be found. Some viewers recently pointed out that Ouyang Xadan has been in hiding for 180 days.

Sources say that Ouyang Xadan may not be arrested, but being released after being investigated makes it more difficult for him to return to CCTV.

There are already a number of CCTV hosts under investigation for their involvement in fallen senior Chinese officials. After the fall of former Communist Party Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang, CCTV hosts Shen Bing and Ye Yingchun were also rumored to be under investigation, and Shen Bing has since disappeared from public view.